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Visiting Chicago - Which Steakhouse?

I'll be visiting Chicago soon and want to visit a steak place. The recommendations that I have from friends are:Gene and Georgetti's, Chicago Chop House, and Gibson Steak House. We'll be staying downtown, so don't want to go too far. I'd like to know which of these Chowhounds like or what you might like better. Thanks for your help?

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  1. There's really no consensus among locals about the best steakhouse. Of those three, I'd take Gibson's, but someone else might prefer G&G, and still others will mention Morton's, or Saloon, etc. If you'd like to look through more detailed recommendations on these and other steakhouses, and a discussion of why people choose one over another (as well as links to the websites for most of them), check out the topic at www.chowhound.com/topics/359377

    Oh, and a few of them (particularly Gibson's) book up in advance, even on weekdays, so wherever you want to go, it's a good idea to make sure you make a reservation once you decide.

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      Is the Pump Room still open and if so what are your feelings on that place?

    2. G & G's not one of my favorites, Chicago Chop House is not very good either, as for Gibsons , it is less about the food and more about the scene. So I do not recommend, or go to any of these anymore.

      My favorites are David Burke's, Saloon, Joes Seafood, Prime Steaks, & Stone Crab, and Keefers.

      1. I've only been to Chop House out of those three and I would not go there again.

        1. Gibson's in my view. If you go, make sure you go to the downtown outlet. They also have one in Rosemont - just ok.

          1. I agree with swsidejim. David Burke's or Joe's Seafood, Prime steaks. Don't even bother with Smith and Wollinskey. G & G is not worth the $$ you are willing to spend and Chicago Chop house is so-so.

            Good luck!

            1. I would go to Gibson's for a great steak and Chicago "steakhouse" experience. If you can't get a reservation at Gibson's, my second choice would be the ribeye at Tavern on Rush, which is kiddy corner from Gibson's. I actually had a GREAT ribeye the other night at Ristorante We, a restaurant that is not written much about on this Board, but had great steaks. It is a tiny restaurant in the W Hotel, but really awesome food. If you go, get the garlic bread with gorgonzola fondue. You will be very happy with the food at any of these three places.

              I like G and G a lot, but you have to be in the mood for gruff service in order to go there. David Burke's Primehouse is also great -- it is a much more modern steakhouse. But, as I said above, I think Gibson's is the full package, so that would be my first pick for you.

              1. They never get mentioned here, but Harry Carey's has pretty terrific steaks, and the best I've had here, perhaps I got lucky, was the bone-in filet at the Rosebud Steakhouse on E. Walton and Michigan. I don't care for the Rosebud Italian restaurants, but I truly liked the steak house.

                1. What kind of steak do you like to eat? Filet, Ribeye, NY? Depending on that there are different places to go.

                  I agree that Gibsons is a great steakhouse experience, however, I think their steaks have been somewhat sub-par(with the exception of the W.R. Chicago cut). Rosebud Steakhouse is somewhat underrated and has great steaks. G&G is a very old school chicago experience and has tasty steaks.

                  My personal favorites are:

                  Bone in Filet or NY from Joe's Seafood and Prime(books early)

                  Ribeye from Kiefers

                  NY from Capital Grille or Rosebud Steakhouse or G & G

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                    My favorite steakhouse is Gibsons. Everything they serve is HUGE and delicious. But what stands out is the bold service. Everything there is bold, brash, and fun. Shula's is also a very good choice as well as Harry Caray's. Both of those have a sports themed dining room which is either a plus or minus depending on the guest.

                  2. I lived in Chicago for a number of years and I have to say I think David Burke's and Keefer's have the best steaks, that said they don't really do the old Steakhouse feel so well. I say hit one of those one night and then a more traditional Chicago style place another. I've had really good experiences at Chop House, though I've heard again and again that people are often disappointed there. If you go try the American fries, they are always amazing. Never really had a great experience at Gibson's sadly. I'd say Rosebud provides a great steak and pretty old school atmosphere, but the service can be a bit hit or miss. I'd stay about as far away from S and W as possible. I've never been to G and G but have heard only good things.

                    1. I really like both Gibson's and the Chop House for a classic Chicago steak house dinner, but if pressed to pick just one I'd probably choose Gibson's, just because I like the atmosphere a little better. I've never had anything less than a stellar meal at either, though, so I don't think you can really go wrong. Like a few other Chowhounds have said, the Primehouse is also amazing - but it is not really a classic steakhouse. It's worthwhile if you have the time and inclination for more than one steak dinner though!

                      1. Thanks for all the great suggestions. We've made reservations at Gibson's. I'm not sure what a W.R. Chicago cut is, but I'm going to try that per jf123's suggestion. We'll also split a side and dessert. I'm not crazy about huge portions. I'll let you know how we like it!

                        Thanks for the help!

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                          You'"ll definitely have fun here. Deserts and sides are ginormous, so share them. Be prepared to wait, even with a reservation and gear yourself up for a VERY crowded bar area. If you can get in the spirit of the place, the bartenders are a hoot and its hysterical people watching. Keep an eye out for the "professional" women though....