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Apr 24, 2008 05:16 PM

Portland restaurants around ace

My boyfriend and I are going to be in Portland in June, and we are staying at the Ace Hotel. We won't have a car , so I was just wondering if it was going to be a problem going places around town. Also, if you know of some good places around our hotel and throughout the city. We love food carts too!

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  1. You scored! Right next to hotel, same building is Clyde Common, other corner is K & Z's Deli. Portland also has a great streetcar system that will get you into the Pearl and other great eats. You might want to checkout, a rather active foodie site devoted to good food in Portland. Welcome

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      ...and in between K&Z's and Clyde Common is an outpost of Stumptown coffee, where you can get top-notch espresso drinks.

      Clyde Common has GREAT deals at happy hour and is pretty reasonable for what you get outside of happy hour, so don't feel like you won't be able to afford to eat there.

    2. Kenny and Zuke's has the best Reuben in the land! I'll be there for lunch on Saturday.....and breakfast on Sunday (not to mention some takeout for the train ride back to Seattle! I can't wait! Woo Hoo!!!!!

      1. There is a block of food carts at SW9/Alder quite close to the ACE.

        If you're looking for a particular price-point or cuisine feel free to elaborate more.

        Central portland transit is quite easy and friendly. Check out TRIMET.ORG for streetcar, lightrail, bus maps. Downtown and the Pearl area is in fareless-square but the area is fairly dense and quite walkable.

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          thanks for all the help so far. To elaborate more, i'm looking for cheap to moderate food. Local, fun, cuisine of all types. My boyfriend isn't very adventurous, so keep thai and vietnamese out of it. thanks!

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            Don't shy away from crossing the river. On the eastside is a wealth of places, very easily accessible by bus. Take the #20 to 28th & E Burnside to eat at Ken's Artisan Pizza or Staccato Gelato. Go to Burgerville, our local fast-food chain that features local seasonal specialties. I'm not kidding.

        2. As mentioned before, Kenny & Zukes is a must-stop. And while I like the reuben, my current favorite sandwich there is the rachel. I still need to try their fried chicken, which recently was added to the menu.

          Lots of places offer reduced price menus during happy hour, including Clyde Common.

          1. I heart Kenny and Zukes, too. You could just have a meal and go back to your room to recover from your food coma. And repeat for the your entire stay. But...

            Higgins - 1239 SW Broadway - Dining in the bar/bistro might be up your alley. They are reputed to have one of the better burgers in town.
            Hot Lips Pizza - has a Pearl location at NW 10th and Irving. They do slices with local/seasonal toppings as well as good ole pepperoni and cheese.
            Pearl Bakery at NW 9th and Couch for a lighter lunch or snack.
            Lastly, the Deschutes brewpub should be open by the time you are here. NW 11th (I think ) and Davis. Obviously I haven't tasted the food but I have tried the beer!

            You are also close to a Whole Foods grocery store if you should want to pack a picnic.