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Apr 24, 2008 05:12 PM

ZEN PALATE - Orange Sensation Recipe?

Okay, so I really liked this dish at (the now closed down) Zen Palate out in Long Island - it was the Orange Sensation (crispy seitan in this awesome kind of orange glaze, it had asparagus, potatoes, hmmmm, stringbeans?).

I was hoping someone might have a clue as to how to make this dish?

I would really appreciate it if someone could provide me with a recipe to re-create this dish at home!

Thanks Chow Hounders!

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  1. I have no idea but I'm sure my Vegan daughter would love the recipe also

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      ive had that dish there several times when it existed. I make sauces all day long and my best guestimate for thatsauce would be to get a mild vegetable stock or make your own. in a small pan bring about 2 cups of the stock to a boil. then zest 2 oranges into it and then squeeze the juices into the pan. bring to a simmer for 10 min or so. then in seperate bowl mix 2 tablespoons of corn starch with half cup of COLD water. bring the veggie/orange stock back to boil and slowly whisk in 1/4 of the corn starch mixture, keep whisking it in until you get a little thicker consistency add salt to tyour taste. strain thru a fine chinois or very fine strainer and pour over the seitaN with a little orange zest to top off. ,€( remember the sauce will thicken when cooled. you can always mix in little water when pulling from fridge for future use. )

      as for the seitan... if you buy a package of it, just dry it best you can, use towels ect... then toss in corn starch and pan fry in peanut oil or canola. do not overcook! be sure to season the seitan after pan frying with some salt

      hope this helps, this was just off top of my head while watching the flyers game

      go flyers!!!

      ps - this is vegan