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Apr 24, 2008 05:04 PM

Comments on Mix at The Hotel in Las Vegas

I will never make a comment about people not searching for comments prior to posting again. I just tried to search for comments on Mix and was highly unsuccessful in finding any comments before I gave up.

Anyway, someone has recommended Mix to me, and the few comments I did see sounded sort of lackluster. Anyone have a different opinion?

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  1. Well I've never eaten there, but they do have the same liquor policy that the rest of Mandalay Bay does - that is, order a double, pay double. For example, a double Gray Goose and tonic will run you $24 (ouch). The view alone is worth it though, but get there early or you'll never get on the patio. Also there's a cover after a certain time - I want to say maybe 9pm (I'm guessing you won't pay if you have a dinner res).