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Apr 24, 2008 04:19 PM

Take-out and groceries on Treasure Island

Hi, the family is staying at a condo on the south end of Treasure Island next week and I'm looking for some good take-out options close by, the age of the kids precludes much by way of a sit-down meal in a restaurant. Checking some previous posts I think we'll be trying both Caddy's and Agave, any other suggesstions within a 10-15 min drive? Would also like to find stone crab if still in season.

Secondly, what supermarket nearby would you recommend?

Thanks very much in advance.

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  1. takeout--Vito and Michaels is some awesome pizza on Blind Pass between TI and St pete Beach. Fortunatos is also great.
    Caddy's sounds like a good option for you all, and you could eat there and have no worries about the kids. (They're probably more civilized than some of the adults, depending on the night.) Sloppy Joes is attached to the bilmar resort, and it's a really casual burger/salad/seafood joint. You could probably go there too and everyone would be satisfied.
    I think Sweetbay is the closest grocery store for you. They're part of the Hannaford chain, and although I like Publix's meat and deli/bakery better, for basic staples Sweetbay is fine and the stores are newly renovated.

    1. For takeout you might try Dockside Dave's on Gulf Blvd in St. Pete Beach. Nature's Finest is a natural food grocer on Central at 66th Street in St. Pete. Good veggies, some healthy takeout too, including baked free-range chicken and sushi. Highly recommend it for takeout.