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Apr 24, 2008 04:06 PM

Is there a place that is similar to Legal Seafood?

I recently went to Boston and tried out Legal Seafood for a lark for lunch. Needless to type, I went there two more times during that visit. The seafood I found was fresh and very tasty. The ginger drink and the cranberry one was stellar. I was wondering if there was a place similar to Legal Seafood in Manhattan?

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  1. Aquagrill is great and better than Legal Seafood. Check out the best seafood threads for more recs.

    1. Similar in food, price, decor?

      For good, fresh seafood at about the same price, look into Ethos (white tablecloth) and Mary's Fish Camp (casual).

      I'm sure you know this already, but there is a Legal out on Long Island, near Huntington Station.

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      1. re: cimui

        Yea but its inferior to Bostons.

        1. re: DarthEater

          I frankly don't remember being very impressed with either, though it's been around five years since I ate at one in / near Boston (Brookline, I think?).

      2. How about Blue Water Grill in Union Square? I have been to a couple of Legal Seafoods in the Tri-State area (Short Hills and White Plains) and thought my food (not service) experience at Blue Water Grill was better. Perhaps like some of the other folks said, maybe the one in Boston is better but I would have thought the chain would have maintained its quality among its restaurants.

          1. I spend about 4 days a week in Manhattan and 3 days in Wellesley/Boston - but I hail from the Boston area - I find this thread interesting because my partner and I really enjoy Legal Seafoods.

            For quality, consistency, portion size - they actually serve vegetables with their entrees - hard to beat Legals and we would love to find that in Manhattan. I really enjoy the option of a healthy generous vegetable portion with my meal. We enjoy Docks (probably 'cause it's close to us on UWS); Aquagrill - but don't think the portions are as generous as Legals; Mary's fish camp again loved the spicy shrimp taco - but no vegetable and pricey and cramped; have not yet been to Ethos or Blue Water Grill - thanks to the thread I'll check them out.

            In Boston - Legal's is not considered "hip" or "chic" but we find it a consistently good value. I feel like the fish their is cooked in a healthy manner - not drowning in butter or fat. I should say - worked their as a server 20 odd years ago helped pay for law school - and while they were not the "nicest" people to work for gotta admit - theirs was the cleanest kitchen in any restaurant I had worked in.