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Apr 24, 2008 03:43 PM

Do any stores carry tomato paste in a tube?

I've been looking for a brand of tomato paste that is packaged in tube-form that Cooks Illustrated had reccomended to avoid the metalic aftertaste that's often found in canned tomato paste. The brand they specifically mentioned as the winner in their taste test was Amore.

Does anyone know of a market in the SFV that carries this?


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  1. Whole Foods, Henry's...some major grocery stores now carry them as well. If your store doesn't carry it, you can always ask them to order it for you.

    I asked the same Q a couple years ago:
    Henry's didn't carry it @ the time, but they do now. And occassionally, I'll check out to see if they carry it.

    1. Whole Foods. I bought a tube about a month ago. It's pretty great.

      1. Claro's Italian delis' carry it as well. Six LA locations...

        1. Joan's on Third, and probably Surfas. William Sonoma carries it.

          1. Amore seems to be the most common brand any more. It seems I used to see it more places than I do now, and it used to be for less dollars. Ralphs has it, but for $$$ IMHO. Most of the places mentioned in this thread carry it at a pretty high price. I have bought it for 3 decades, and I buy it more for the convenience when I just want a small amount actually, which happens on a very regular basis. There are loads of things that I add just a small amount to.

            (I guess I don't find the canned tomato products that metallic, oh well, what can I say.)

            So -- I generally buy it (yes, it's Amore brand) at Cost Plus, but they sometimes run out at my local one (East Pas on Colorado). They've carried for a really long time.