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Do any stores carry tomato paste in a tube?

I've been looking for a brand of tomato paste that is packaged in tube-form that Cooks Illustrated had reccomended to avoid the metalic aftertaste that's often found in canned tomato paste. The brand they specifically mentioned as the winner in their taste test was Amore.

Does anyone know of a market in the SFV that carries this?


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  1. Whole Foods, Henry's...some major grocery stores now carry them as well. If your store doesn't carry it, you can always ask them to order it for you.

    I asked the same Q a couple years ago: www.chowhound.com/topics/330756
    Henry's didn't carry it @ the time, but they do now. And occassionally, I'll check out Amazon.com to see if they carry it.

    1. Whole Foods. I bought a tube about a month ago. It's pretty great.

      1. Claro's Italian delis' carry it as well. Six LA locations...

        1. Joan's on Third, and probably Surfas. William Sonoma carries it.

          1. Amore seems to be the most common brand any more. It seems I used to see it more places than I do now, and it used to be for less dollars. Ralphs has it, but for $$$ IMHO. Most of the places mentioned in this thread carry it at a pretty high price. I have bought it for 3 decades, and I buy it more for the convenience when I just want a small amount actually, which happens on a very regular basis. There are loads of things that I add just a small amount to.

            (I guess I don't find the canned tomato products that metallic, oh well, what can I say.)

            So -- I generally buy it (yes, it's Amore brand) at Cost Plus, but they sometimes run out at my local one (East Pas on Colorado). They've carried for a really long time.

            1. I get it at Vons. Lasts for ever

              1. Monte Carlo Delicatessen on Magnolia in Burbank sells it, as does any Gelson's (but you'll pay the Gelson's Stupidity Tax on anything you buy there, meaning that when the speciality market has it cheaper you know you're in trouble).

                At Monte Carlo, as you enter the main door (on Magnolia), head to the right-hand wall and it's on the top shelf near all the other tomato pastes. There are two or three brands, Amore and Cento and maybe one other.

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                1. Vicente foods
                  Guidi Marcello

                  1. Gelson's got it, at least in Sherman Oaks

                      1. The only item like this I've found at Surfas is another brand, Le Cabanon. Does anyone know how it compares to Amore?

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                          I was pleasantly surprised to see the Amore brand at my Albertsons the other day and for $2.89 (we're not talking sundried or anything else right!?!).

                        2. Cost Plus stores have carried it off and on.

                          1. nicole's in south pasadena also carries it. i have used the brand nicole carries and the one surfas carries interchangeably. (i have both at my cooking school, but i'm at home right now, and can't compare, or give you brands.) they are both great, and i see no difference between them. i highly tout the concept of tomato paste in tubes in my classes, citing the old "use 2 tablespoons from the can, tuck it into the fridge until it becomes a science experiment, and then pitch it" scenario...with the tube, it ALL gets used, so even if it's twice as much $ as the can (i think it's about 1 1/2x), it's worth it! buy a bunch--they are shelf-stable practically indefinitely until opened. most brands don't specify to refirgerate after opening, but i do, anyway.

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                              i couldn't have said it better, and it takes a while before it becomes a science experiment like chez cherie said, it gets used up. it's totally for those recipes where you need those small amounts 1 T or two, and you will find uses in soups and sauces and dressings and stews and all sort of stuff before it goes bad.

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                                The Amore brand claims to be so concentrated you can use half as much as the recipe calls for. Do you follow that advice?

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                                  they call it double-strength, but i don't cut the amount in half.

                              2. VALLEY Produce on VanOwen just east of Reseda has a big glass jar of tomato paste. Tastes good and I believe it was priced cheap (otherwise I may not buy it). I have the same bottle in the frig for over one month and it's still good.

                                Oh yeah, no metallic taste.