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Rozy's Jazz Hall?

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I am thinking of having my wedding reception @ Rosy's Jazz Hall. Has anyone been to a reception there/had one there? How was the experience? Food? Atmosphere? Service?How much did it cost?


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    1. A friend of mine is having her reception there but it's not until next year so I am not much help because I've never been. I hear the space is awesome with a big tree inside the hall and a nice patio area. I have also read somewhere that the food is good but can't remember if it was here or the nola.com food boards. I am also not sure about this either, but II believe my friend said the prices are reasonable.

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        I've been to shows at Rosy's . It's a nice space, entry area overlooks a side patio area which opens to a larger patio in the rear. There's a large room off the entry with a stage area, small bar in the back and a balcony upstairs. Rock shows so drinks, no food..

      2. I went to a reception there last year and I remember the food being very good for a wedding reception. They had about four sets of tables with food in various areas of the two rooms. One was sort of Mediterranean, with hummus, feta cheese and olives, pita, grape leaves, and probably other things but I don't remember. They had one with a "New Orleans" theme, gumbo and jambalaya. I don't remember the rest, because they also had an open bar. My overall impression is that the food was better than standard wedding fare.

        1. I got married there in Nov. 2006. Everything was wonderful. The owner, Steve, was extremely helpful and even helped my wife book Kirk Joseph's band to play to surprise me. Because I was the groom, I did not eat much at the wedding but was told by several people that the food was really good. In addition, the liquor was all premium brands. Service was good. The place is really beautiful (no dropped ceilings) and very New Orleans. Price may have been slightly more than other places we looked at but overall, I really feel like it was worth it. Hope this helps.

          1. i just had a wedding reception at the riverview room. incredible. staff was great, food was great, ambiance perfect. for out of town guests there are 4-5 balconies looking over the quarter, the rive, the cbd, etc. worth consideration. awsome deep fried turkey and crawfish rissotto (SP?) good luck.

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              The Riverview Room is actually my second choice. Thanks for the feedback.

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                My BIL got married at Rosy's -- space is beautiful, food was very good, and they had Sunpie Barnes as the band. He puts on a great show, and I think they took maybe one 10 minute break in 3-4 hours.

                I attended a wedding at the riverview room around that time as well. Food was ok, the room is pretty plain and conference-y looking (low ceilings, etc). They made it look nice, but I liked Rosy's 10x better.

            2. Congratulations!! We had our wedding & reception there in the Spring of 2005. We can't recommend Rosy's highly enough!!

              Steve was an absolute wonder, helping me to ensure every detail was perfect (and I'm a bit particular about the details). The food was terrific - my guests expressed surprise that Rosy's actually provided the food, as the flavors were well above and beyond what they expected from a "function hall." And the staff wrapped up a couple of plates for us at the end of the night.

              Service was spectacular. When my husband requested a kind of beer Rosy's didn't usually carry, the bartender walked across the street to the grocery store and picked up a six pack for him - and wouldn't let anyone else have one unless my husband said it was okay!

              We picked Rosy's for the atmosphere - not too formal and definitely New Orleans. Ella has been on that stage; so has Stevie Wonder. Based on our experience, I'd say you and your guests will really be able to feel that everything is under control and enjoy yourselves.

              Cost... I'm sorry I don't remember. Maybe two payments of a couple of thousand? Certainly not more than five thousand for 150 people - remember, that's for hall, food and liquor.

              [Other details: Flowers and plants from The Plant Gallery out on Airline. Rather than fill Rosy's atrium with flowers (cost-prohibative), we rented a couple of large potted palms for the evening, in addition to a few arrangements. And ordered rose petals to scatter on the small tables, so as not to take away from the space for plates. Also, cake was from Maurice's in Metarie. The bands were The Jazz Vipers & Clockwork Elvis, with whom I negotiated myself, although Steve will be able to help you, if needed.]