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Apr 24, 2008 03:16 PM

Oysters Recommendations

Hi everybody.
My wife and I really enjoy raw oysters. And nowhere on the whole earth are they better than in Paris.
We really like eating huitres in Paris. Oysters and Sancerre.
For those of you who know, what restaurant, bistro or brasserie do you recommend?
We really enjoy oysters at La Coupole. We like it there because:

-Good prices.
-Nice location.
-Nice restaurant.
-Fruits de mer very fresh.
-A lot of choices.
-Reasonably good main dishes.
-Decent wine.
-Lots and lots of different people you can watch.
-OK, granted....I wish the service was better.

We have eaten them in many other locations in Paris. And every single location has a great memory.


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  1. Huiterie Regis - 3, rue de Montflaucon, in the 6th right off the Boulevard St-Germain. Only about 8 tables inside. Poached shrimp is the only other food. The oysters were the plumpest and tastiest I've ever had. They were fine de clair, not belon.

    1. Le Dome and Bistro Dome for Seafood and Oysters. Just a block or two up from La Coupole on Boulevard de Montparnasse. Very nice seafood and oysters, check it out. A Paris institution much like Coupole and La Rotonde. A little more upscale than Coupole when you sit in the dining room at Le Dome, you can also sit out on the covered front area for more casual dining.. Service is very friendly. I had nice oysters, and fantastic Dover Sole and St Pierre there last October. They make a great dessert that is Mille-feuille with rum flavored pastry cream filling and caramelized sugar on top. Big portion - enough to share. You have to try the dessert, really great Mille-feuille.

      1. Le Ballon des Ternes. It has a lovely retro ambience. Follow the oysters with a sole meuniere and you will think you are in 1905.
        It's on the west end of the Avenue des Ternes near the Porte Maillot.

        1. Had some wonderful oysters at a little slip of a shop with seating in back called L'Eclume in the 1er. I'm sorry I don't remember the street.

          My favorite seafood place in Paris is La Cagouille on 17 Place Konstantin Brancusi (rue de l'Ouest) in the 14th. can't remember the Metro stop...

          1. Hi and thanks to you all for your answers.

            I have gone to some of the places you have mentioned.
            I really like Le Dome / Bistro de Dome for their sole meuniere.
            We enjoyed huitrerie Regis although I feel it lacks something. I guess I prefer larger, more vivid places.
            I have heard many good things about La Cagouille, never been there. Perhaps this trip.

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              At a Sunday lunch last October, I had some excellent belons at Au Pied de Cochon, along with a splendid saumon tartare.