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Apr 24, 2008 03:16 PM

elemental (gasworks) - any tips?

never been to Elemental but I live right in the neighborhood, I figure it's about time I try.
Any tips on when to show up? I hear it tough / tricky to get in.

Also - is it fancy (dress code)?

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  1. Take a book, go as early as you can stand. It's a nice-enough wait, overlooking Gasworks Park and Lake Union. We went at 4:30 on a bright day in summer and had to come back another day, but this varies, and another time we just walked right in at 7:00.

    1. No dress code, just wear clothes and shoes.

      The tables usually turn once half-way through the night, starting around 7:30 or 8; if you don't want to scramble for the first seating, you can chance it and show up between 7 and 8. Just beware: if you miss the turn, that's it for the night so have a back-up plan.

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          Cocktails start at 5 and the first seating at dinner starts at 6. I would get there at 4:30 and hang outside. Most who are there for cocktails are staying for dinner. No dress code, I was there last week and Phred was in jeans as were most of the diners. The advice I gave to another poster...dont ask any questions and just let Phred handle the evening. In case you are wondering how much it costs, tab will run about $80/person inclusive. Also, take a cab home. There is a lot of wine parings.

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            Ditto on all of that, especially the cab home. I like the cocktail hour a lot (truffle popcorn!) but that many hours of drinking can really knock you for a loop. We've been twice, showing up for the 5:00 seating, and each time we didn't finish dinner until 9:30 pm. Love it!