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Apr 24, 2008 02:52 PM

Guy Savoy Paris dishes.

Hi everybody.

For those of you who have been at the Guy Savoy Restaurant in Paris, what dishes have you enjoyed the most?
I keep reading nothing but excellent things about his artichoke and truffle soup.
Also someone mentioned the oysters in aspic.

Has anyone tried them?

Thanks. GreenB.

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  1. Let me be frank: the truffle and artichoke soup is a signature dish, but it hasn't been good for a long time. That's a part of the menu that is on autopilot. Don't order it, you are likely to be offered a small serving anyway. The oysters in aspic (a recipe which many consider Meneau's) is what it sounds -- I never understood what is so great with that recipe, it's just oysters with some horseradish. If anything the aspic hides the specific texture of the oyster.

    I would recommend 1- following their recommendations and 2- among signature dishes, focus on the seabass, the sweetbread, the langoustines, and any "poached-grilled" fowl; Another famous specialty if the cote de veau juste rotie, but its main appeal lies with the top puree and the carving in the room.

    My favourite Guy savoy dish is one you have to order in advance: jarret de veau laqué.

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      Hi souphie.

      Thanks for sharing your opinions on the food. I will trust you on the artichoke soup and order something else.
      Actually I’m going to stop worrying about it. As you said, I’ll see what happens when we are over there and see what they suggest.


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        Actually, I think that you really need help and advice. The best thing to do is to take me with you to dinner. I took the liberty to call Mancio and warn him that your table will have one more guess.

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          Hi souphie.

          I read in your profile that you are from Paris. I would be more that delighted to share dinner with you. We have some friends from Paris, they are high level executives at Fauchon and when we go out for diner, I truly enjoy their company because they are very nice people and because my Wife and I are just IN LOVE with France and especially with Paris. (If there is something in the world that screams Paris! is Fauchon).
          However, and I have to apologize for this, our diner at Guy Savoy is going to be our 10th year wedding anniversary – recent pregnancy diner. Please don’t take it personal.
          My Wife is working on the schedule with our friends, as soon as I have something in concrete I will contact you to see if we can arrange something.

          Thank you very much. GreenB.