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Apr 24, 2008 02:50 PM

Eating out in downtown Atlanta

Hey, has anyone out there been to Maxim Prime yet in The Glenn Hotel? We are coming into Atlanta for a concert and are staying at The Glenn. We thought we might try Maxim Prime, or if someone has a better suggestion that is close by, walking or Marta, I would love to hear it. We want to eat somewhere where my friend's 8 year old would find nothing on the menu that he would want (no chicken fingers, etc.)! Thanks!

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  1. FAB Bistro -- very good a cousin of Le Bernadin in New York.

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      I checked out the menu online and it looks fabulous! We are from Athens and do not have any French restaurants here. By the way, the kid is not coming! :)

    2. haven’t been back to atlanta for a while but off the top of my head the first places that come to mind were the ones i walked by every day. i practically lived at Bridgetown bar & grill across the street from the north ave station but never really ate there because im not a fan of Caribbean food. However, they got busy as hell everyday and people seemed to love the food. if you like Caribbean food you should check it out. Also on the other side of the street is Baronda's (italian) which stays packed. I ate there a few times and food is good, but expensive. Personally i always preferred Sol's pizzeria next door (don’t remember name) but unfortunately Baronda's put him out of business

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        Bridgetown Grill is long gone.
        I'm trying the new Peasant Bistro this week.

      2. Peasant Bistro is great! My favorites are the short ribs, mussels au nage and any fish. The lamb is also great and I love the caesar salad. I've been many times since it's so close to my neighborhood (Candler Park). Valet parking makes it easy. It's right on Centennial Park by the Aquarium.

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          Went to Peasant Bistro last night and after thinking about it, I'll just say I was disappointed. We were there early (5:30), and I think there was one other party in there. The service was really bad...the drinks took far too long to arrive and the martinis were not cold enough. Both the cassoulet and the short ribs were unavailable, and I didn't even learn about the short ribs until about 20 minutes after I ordered. You'd think the waitor would have known. Not sure what was going on. The mussels au nage were just ok.
          After the dinner the check was presented before we were offered dessert.
          From what I understand their 25 year old chef didn't work out, and they don't have a head chef.
          Beautiful space but the experience was underwhelming.

        2. Thrive is catty-corner from the Glenn and has a good scene as well as very good food. City Grill in the Hurt building if you want to step it up a notch. FAB is hit or miss, in my opinion. Have fun!

          1. I live here in Atlanta and we haven't heard much buzz about Maxim Prime yet, so I wouldn't be too excited to get down there yet. I would personally get in a cab and head over to Kevin Rathbun's Steak (very close to downtown, so should not cost much). Great food, great service and no kid food on the menu! FAB is good too. Go grab a drink at Maxim Prime and I think you'll have experienced it.