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Aug 17, 2002 01:20 AM

Best Mexican Food..Glendale or Burbank

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I love La Cabinita in Glendale..Any other Mexican food ideas for Glendale?

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  1. I like El Sauz in Glendale. Its on Verdugo and Los Feliz, right by the chow-worthy Dinah's fried chicken and the Von's. El Sauz is more of an indoor taco/burrito stand than a proper restaurant. My favorite thing there is the pork burrito.

    A question:do you mean La Cubana on Broadway, maybe Colorado? Is it a real restaurant(waitstaff, etc)? Do you suggest anything?

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    1. re: Julia

      I do mean La Cabinita in North Glendale above the college on La Canada below Honolulu. Great food and cheap...Chille Rellano the best I've ever had....carnita tacos...great.

      1. re: Dan

        If you drive up Canada past La Cabinita and turn right to head to Foothill in La Canada, Los Gringos Locos has the best guacamole on this side of LA. Their Tijuana tacos with carnitas are pretty darn good too, although La Cabinita wins on the autheticity scale.

        1. re: Dan

          Spelling correction (in case people are trying to look it up) - it's actually La CabaƱita.

          We go there all the time (my office is three blocks away) and it's really delicious. If we want tortas, however, we go to Tortas Mexico on Foothill in La Crescenta.

      2. I agree with Dan this is a wonderful little gem in upper Glendale...carnitas are amazing...there is also a wonderrfully indulgent appetizer with chorizo under broiled queso (I can't remember the exact name) that is served with freshly made corn tortillas.