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Apr 24, 2008 01:59 PM

Solo Eating

I am going to be in town for a conference on Sunday and Monday. The conference is at the international trade center, 1300 Pennsylvania Ave and I'm staying nearby (which I gather is not the most exciting area in the world). Can you recommend a couple of places that might be fun for dinner? I'm particularly interested in places that have great food served not only at tables, but at the bar since I will be alone. I don't want a "bar, bar" (I have zero interest in being picked up. Just want to have a nice meal by myself i.e., without my 2 yr. old twins!) I'm not looking for any specific type of food -- I'm willing to try anything. Price is not an issue. I'm willing to take a cab or subway to some place special. Thank you very much for your advice. I haven't been to DC in over 10 years and I'm looking forward to seeing how things have changed.

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  1. I hear you can get good bar service at Central (although someone who has actually eaten a full meal at the bar might want to chime in here).

    I eat alone a lot and some places that have given me great service and food have been Hank's Oyster Bar (I would actually recommend sitting at a table for this place), PS7, Sette Osteria and I'm sure Hook would be great for this---they also have a communal table right next to the bar.

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      I thought of 2 more places---Bistro D'Oc for excellent french bistro cuisine.

      And Taberna del Albardero for the most incredible Spanish tapas in town. If you are able to get there for their happy hour on Monday even better. The place can be a little pricey but Monday-Friday until 7pm (for some reason I think it starts around 3pm, but call and double check) they have 1/2 off tapas and Sangria. The place is a real treat, packed with an international crowd nibbling on the most amazing croquets in the world. I go all the time by myself and try to grab a bar stool and chat with the bartender.

    2. Take the red line to Cleveland and eat at the bar at Palena - it will be very close to the metro exit. Lovely food. In the Penn Quarter area, there are tons of places where you can dine very well, alone, at the bar. Google or search this board for the following: 701, Rasika, Oyamel, Acadiana, Jaleo...701 just revamped its small-plates bar menu, and the staff there are simply the best.

      1. There's a community table at Circa in Dupont. Afterwards you can walk around the neighborhood. I always feel comfortable eating alone at sushi bars (sushi taro, uni, thai chef, kaz). Oyamal, zaytinya and jaleo in Chinatown all server tapas (mexican, middle eastern and spanish respectively), and you would feel comfortable sitting at a bar or table alone.

        1. Second Hanks, and I like the bar. I would also throw in Johnny's near Cap Hill.