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Apr 24, 2008 01:43 PM

Maine - Chow in the Sugarloaf area?

We're heading to Sugarloaf in June to do some golfing, but are not sure where to find some good chow! Any suggestions for places in that area as well as Rangeley? We're not fussy on cuisine.


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  1. Tufulio's, family friendly, Italian restaurant with good pizza. Sunday night is two-fer; it's down in Carrabassett Valley, right on 27.

    Also on 27 is Hugs, a bit fancier and very good Italian fare--the pesto breadsticks are addictive; family-style salad. Pricer than Tufulios, and funky more intimate interior.

    Gepetto's in Sugarloaf Village, good and reliable. Restaurant in Sugarloaf Hotel is decent.

    Porter House, in Eustis, about 20 minutes northwest on 27. Worth the drive both for the scenery and the food. Tuesday night is Two-fer; usually early-bird specials, too. Chef owned. Really, you'll wonder how it survives, given it's remote location, but folks drive down from Canada, up from Rangeley, and over from Sugarloaf. It's that good--google it for the menu.

    In Rangeley, great Thai restaurant operated by genuine hero (he led employees out of embassy and hid them during Iran hostage crisis; he was embassy cook); Loon Lodge has fabulous sunset views, I've heard mixed reviews; Country Club, hilltop location with spectacular views and classic Continental fare--dated menu, retro decor, but always one of the area's best; Red Onion for pizza; Sarge's Sports for burgers and beer.

    If you want to venture as far as Oquossic, more choices there including Gingerbread House for American fare in a light, bright dining room, and Bald Mountain Camps, a traditional Maine Sporting Camp right on the lake--great experience.

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      Thanks for the suggestions!

      The Porter House was FANTASTIC. The owners were wonderful and the food was the highlight of our trip.

      We also enjoyed lunch at the Homestead Bakery in Farmington, their homemade bread and soups were wonderful!

      Tufulio's was good too, but I was turned off when we walked in with our 2.5 year old and we were told that "the owner better not hear her" during dinner. I had the impression that it was family friendly. Our experience at the Porter House was exactly the opposite.