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Apr 24, 2008 01:43 PM

How is the Japanese food at Temari these days?

How is the Japanese food at Temari these days?
(the one located in Rockville, below a Japanese
grocery store)

I went there a long time ago and it was pretty good...
but then again, it was a long time ago... :) I do
remember that they make great ramen... but do they
make shrimp tempura?


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  1. judging by the lack response, I assume that Temari is no longer a good place for Japanese cuisine? :(

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    1. re: OaktonWhitney

      I just saw this--and no, it's still a great place to eat. We went a few weeks ago. I had the spicy tuna don and husband had the katsu-kare. Both dishes were good. My faves on the menu are still the tonkatsu and the tuna/avocado donburi. Temari is still one of my favorite places. Not sure about their tempura selection... it's not something we usually order.

    2. Just went, had the shumai, fried oysters (can't remember what they are called), tonkasu, and katsu-donburi. All yummy. Yum!

      1. I think I favor the curry rice. On occasion my wife and I order something not quite on the menu...natto. The service is fantastic, man, now I have a craving...

        1. We just moved to the DC area in July and think Temari is great. Atmosphere is fairly relaxed, the noodle soup, grilled fish and things that came with their special are great. The service is superb, even when they are short-handed. It's very high on our list (and at least on top of all the pseudo-Japanese places on Rockville Pike and then some). Went to Makoto this evening and feel that it provides similar value as temari. The food is only slightly better than Temari, the service is somewhat better (but with much more attitude), but not way beyond that of Temari. Yes, we are comparing places at two end of scale, but my wife actually like Temari better regardless of the price. So I do recommend checking out Temari again. The only disappointment may be the sushi. I had a piece of non-fresh Toro at Temari and think that any self-respecting Japanese place should throw away old fish regardless of what they cost.

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          1. re: cfoodie

            Out of curiosity, what specifically did you have at Makoto that you are comparing to Temari?

          2. I've been recently (in the past 2 months -- does that count?) and it's great. Really, one of the best homestyle Japanese places around. I usually get the traditional ramen (pork broth), but friends got the katsu don and loved that as well.

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            1. re: taylor_blair

              We went last night for our anniversary dinner and were wowed yet again. The little "sabisu" appetizers were great--soba with tororo; kabocha, crab salad, and boiled greens. Hubby had a katsu-kare--a huge portion that tasted great. I went for the teishoku of sashimi and fried oysters. The oysters were hot and fresh and the sashimi was as good as one would get at any reputable sushi place. We had cream anmitsu for dessert and left in a state of blissful food coma.