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Looking for Restaurant VERY close to Lincoln Center

Taking mom to see South Pacific at Vivian Beumont Lincoln Center - need a place very close to theater 'cause mom ain't the fastest walker anymore. Thanks Mucho!!

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  1. for close classics: cafe fiorello (always a hit with the older folk) or gabriel's for italian. for something fancier could try picholine on 64th, or a few blocks farther up cafe des artistes.

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      Cafe des Artistes is way past its prime! Avoid!

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        But very nice for a glass of champagne at the bar in the back. I'd recommend Bar Boulud for the meal.

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        We like cafe fiorello and have taken my in laws there. Excellent antipasto bar.

      3. The closest restaurants are across B'way. Depending on your cuisine preferences and your budget, here are a few options.

        Picholine, on 64th, b/t B'way & CPW - http://www.picholinenyc.com

        Bar Boulud, on B'way, b/t 63rd & 64th - http://www.barboulud.com

        Fiorello, on B'way, b/t 63rd & 64th - http://www.cafefiorello.com

        O'Neal's, on 64th, b/t B'way & CPW - http://www.onealsny.com

        1. Doesn't get a whole lot closer than Rosa Mexicano, although I can't say I love their food. Otherwise, I second the Fiorello and Picholine recs. I've not been to Bar Boulud but based on reviews I'd say it's a solid choice as well.

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            I do like the guacamole at Rosa Mexicano (though it is expensive), and the drinks are good, but I agree, the main courses tend to be run of the mill.

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              I like their guac too - also, their queso fundido is pretty good (although really, how are you going to screw up a skillet full of melted cheese with chorizo on top?). I've just been underwhelmed by the mains.

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                Agreed completely. Beware their pomogranate margarita... they look tiny but they pack a punch and if you are a lightweight like me they will knock you out! I will say it's a fun atmosphere - very NYC. :)

          2. Our standard is Josephina's across B'way from Lincoln Center. Always reliable, and for my taste way better than Fiorella's which is just about next door to it. If you have to be fewest steps away, then there's Panevino in Avery Fisher Hall.

            1. I went to Bar Boulud at the beginning of March when I was in NY and loved it. They have an excellent selection of wines by the glass and if you just want a small thing to eat because you are going to the theater after and you don't want to fall asleep, it is the perfect place. I had the steak tartare and it was excellent.

              1. PJ Clarks is directly across the street.

                1. Don't forget Shun Lee W on 65th, right off Columbus. It's uneven, but when they're on, they are very good.

                  1. I like Gabriel's very much, too, but founds it's become pretty pricey over the last couple of years. I'd highly recommend another favorite of ours lately: Whym on 9th between 57-58th -- always a great meal, wonderful service, very reasonably priced -- short walk up to Lincoln Center. Cafe Fiorello is a standard choice, but always crowded pre-theater/Lincoln Center; Shun Lee is imho the worst and most expensive Chinese anywhere in Manhattan. Josephines can be good, as can Rosa Mexicano if you're up for pretty pricey rather mediocre Mexican.

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                      Telepan for FINE New Amer. (W. 69th), Nick & Toni's Cafe (Medit., pizza etc.) (W.67th), La Boite en Bois (solid Bistro) (W. 68th), Cafe Mozart (for dessert) (W. 70th).
                      Your mom will be pleased.

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                        Cafe Mozart closed! Anyone know what happened?