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Apr 24, 2008 01:22 PM

Suggestions for dinner near Clarendon/Stuart?

Husband & I will be seeing a play at the Lyric Stage (corner of Clarendon & Stuart). It will be a Saturday matinee, so I'm looking for dinner options for around 6:30pm on a Saturday.

Initially, my thought was to eat at Butcher Shop - but then i found out they don't take reservations (unless >6 people).

B&G is too pricey.

Thought about POPS but I just had lunch there yesterday. Also, we'll be dining at Pigalle in a few weeks so that's out. Gaslight has no availability.

It needs to be a place that is w/i 5-10 min walk (as I'll be in slightly uncomfortable heels) and takes reservations. It can't be too casual/divey as we will be somewhat dressed up.

Ideally entrees no more than $30. Cuisine is not an important factor.

What about Via Matta?

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  1. Teatro could be a good fit for you.

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      I had thought about Teatro, but decided it would be too far to walk?

    2. via matta, davios, sorrelina, expensive and good to very good. turner fisheries ok. all in walking distance.

      1. I would definitely suggest Sorrellina, delicious but expensive. Also, I just went to Rustic Kitchen on Stuart Street and it was phenomenal, one caveat is that I was there for their cooking show and did not eat from the menu, nonetheless the food was excellent, the atmosphere was nice, and the head chef, owner, and GM were all very helpful, fun, friendly, and knowledgeable. Hope that helps. Enjoy the show and dinner.

        ps. I'm not a huge fan of Via Matta. I had a very large menu tasting there ( just about everything on the menu) and I was not too impressed, with that being said tastes are different for everyone.

        1. You could walk down Clarendon to Tremont and go to Sibling Rivalty, which is just a bit closer than Pops or B&G. You could head over to Berkley and go to Jury's Hotel which has two dinning options. I haven't been in a while, but it was very good the last time I was there. The Rustic Kitchen is fun and has a good vibe and Avila's is also very good, both on Stuart.