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Apr 24, 2008 01:05 PM

Craft Recommendations?

The fiance and I decided on Craft for our last meal as single people. (Primarly because we didn't want to drive too far and there was a reasonable reservation available sort of last minute) I've heard great things about this place as far as food and atmosphere but no specifics. Any recommendations on what to order? Thanks!

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  1. For mains (a bit of a misnomer because they are small portions to be shared), the short ribs are always good. There also is usually a quail dish as an appetizer that is large enough to be a main. The fois gras, whether as an appetizer or a main, also is very good, as is the pork belly.

    For side dishes, do not miss the roasted mushrooms. I like the assorted mushrooms, but there are also options to select a single type. The gnocchi is very rich, but also very good.

    The salted chocolate tart, if on the menu, is quite good. There is a tendency for the chef to oversalt things, but on this dish, it works.

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    1. if the john dory is on the menu, promise me you will order it!

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        YES!!! Go for the john dory. It has been the best fish dish I have ever had. Unfortunately the past 2 times we have gone, it's been sold out.

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          Absolutely order the John Dory. Exquisite! The only other place that does it that well in LA is Grace. If you're not into fish, then the short ribs and pork belly are must haves and don't forget the donuts. Love the donuts.

      2. Foie and pork belly have always been standouts for me. Definitely save room for dessert.

        1. Something so simple, but oh so good---order the roasted Jerusalem Artichokes.

          1. The braised short ribs ...

            oh and the gelato and sorbet sampler for dessert ;) my favorite ...