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Apr 24, 2008 12:30 PM

Palm Springs or Palm Desert

I will be spending the weekend in Palm desert and looking for 2 great restaurants to eat at.We like all kinds of food and money is not so much an object if the food is good.A great Mexican restaurant always works and was wondering if Zin or Johannes is still up to par.Thank you for all your input!

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  1. We will be there for Memorial Day and we always go to several places..
    For Mexican we always enjoy Las's touristy but tradition and we always have a good time..
    For the splurge..Le Vallaurus in Palm Springs..wonderful food and the patio is gorgeous..never had a bad meal..major celebrity sighting place..

    1. El Gallitto in Cathedral City is authentic Mexican. IMHO, most of the other popular Mexican places are very gringo, particularly El Mirasol. It's food has virtually no spice.

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        El Gallitto is where the Mexicans eat..I have not been but asked in Spanish, to a busboy, where do they go and several all said El Gallitto.
        Reminder for me in a couple of weeks..Thanks RBCal!

      2. We like edguardos in palm springs.

        1. We went to Blend recently in Palm Desert.. Was wonderful. I highly suggest it.

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            According to some post on CH Blend recently closed which is very sad because it was a very good restaurant. We had much better experience than with Johannes.

          2. We were in the desert last November and had excellent meals at Zin and Beefsteak(not a steak house). Check my previous posts for my review.