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Apr 24, 2008 12:27 PM

Cincinnati Korean

I love Korean food, and in Cincinnati I usually end up eating at the Korea House when I work up by Mason - but have yet to explore the other Korean places in the area. I know Riverside gets all the buzz, but what do other people feel the best Korean in town is?

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  1. There are only 6 listed in th Enquirer dining lookup ( and of the 6 listed, the only one I have noted getting multiple positive reviews is Riverside. The others are barely mentioned, except Sung, which is the newest and is getting panned regularly on quality, price, and service (strike one, two, and three)

    I have heard one positive comment re: Korea House, and no negatives.

    The others are rarely if ever mentioned

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    1. re: TJ Jackson

      I'm not sure if it is korean, but Song Long in Avondale is awesome

      1. re: lolared

        If by Song Long you mean this place

        it is in Roselawn and is a Vietnamese place

        1. re: lolared

          Song Long is very tasty - but Vietnamese.

          I just ended up going back to the Korea House last night. It's really good, I love their turnip kimchee, but it's not convenient to where I live.