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Alta - good for large group?

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I am setting up a dinner for about 15 people and I was wondering if Alta is a good place for big groups. A friend of mine told me that he went there with group of 8 and it was too tight. Is this true? Has anyone been here with a large group?

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  1. Check their web site, you should be fine:

    "Yes, we do parties, both private and non-private. We have two areas which can each accommodate a maximum of 24 guests. One area is completely private in two small adjoining rooms overlooking West 10th street."


    1. I haven't, and have seen groups of eight (or more) accommodated. I think it'd work best if you dined early, since the restaurant fills up and it can get very very noisy.

      1. Just make reservations ahead of time. I love Alta, I think its perfect for groups! In fact, I was there with a party of 8 and there was a larger group along the wall (approx 12-15, looked like a bachelorette party or a girls-night out).

        They probably couldn't fit more than 2 large groups there, but that was just the first floor -- I didn't even see the upstairs space, which is where I would guess the private rooms are.

        1. i was with a group of 10 once. we were in the private room upstairs behind the kitchen. there were some other small tables as well. if i remember correctly 15 sitting should fit.

          1. i had my bday there this year, there were about 15-16 people and it worked out perfectly. If you make a reservation ahead of time, it will work fine...it'll be one long table

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              I also had my birthday there with about 10 people. We had a round table in the corner on the second floor which is perfect. Everyone loved the food, we got many pitchers of their rum sangria, and it was a successful event!
              Just make sure to book in advance as the place seems to be getting more and more popular.

            2. Ask for the dining room upstairs, behind the kitchen. That is the best place for all of you. I also suggest ordering a few of the larger plates because their tapas is very small, even for tapas. Everything was great the last time except this cauliflower and manilla clam mess.

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                Do you have to pay additional to book the dining room upstairs? I called on Saturday and they said it was 1500 to book for party more than 12??

              2. like everyone else has said, alta is great for big groups. and you HAVE to request the annex. it's on the 2nd floor and you have to walk through the kitchen to get there. it's VERY cool. have fun! i keep meaning to get back here. thanks for the inspiration...