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Apr 24, 2008 12:25 PM

Alta - good for large group?

I am setting up a dinner for about 15 people and I was wondering if Alta is a good place for big groups. A friend of mine told me that he went there with group of 8 and it was too tight. Is this true? Has anyone been here with a large group?

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  1. Check their web site, you should be fine:

    "Yes, we do parties, both private and non-private. We have two areas which can each accommodate a maximum of 24 guests. One area is completely private in two small adjoining rooms overlooking West 10th street."

    1. I haven't, and have seen groups of eight (or more) accommodated. I think it'd work best if you dined early, since the restaurant fills up and it can get very very noisy.

      1. Just make reservations ahead of time. I love Alta, I think its perfect for groups! In fact, I was there with a party of 8 and there was a larger group along the wall (approx 12-15, looked like a bachelorette party or a girls-night out).

        They probably couldn't fit more than 2 large groups there, but that was just the first floor -- I didn't even see the upstairs space, which is where I would guess the private rooms are.

        1. i was with a group of 10 once. we were in the private room upstairs behind the kitchen. there were some other small tables as well. if i remember correctly 15 sitting should fit.

          1. i had my bday there this year, there were about 15-16 people and it worked out perfectly. If you make a reservation ahead of time, it will work'll be one long table

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              I also had my birthday there with about 10 people. We had a round table in the corner on the second floor which is perfect. Everyone loved the food, we got many pitchers of their rum sangria, and it was a successful event!
              Just make sure to book in advance as the place seems to be getting more and more popular.