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Aug 16, 2002 05:02 PM

Meals in BARSTOW???

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Any good lunch or dinner spots? I've got friends from Vegas meeting me to drop something off, and we figured Barstow was a good halfway point for both parties....While together, sure would be nice to share a decent meal....?

(Sorry, I just posted this on California page, but realized Los Angelenos making frequent Vegas excursions may be more hip to the Barstow inquiry.)


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  1. Barstow is pretty sparse, mostly coffee shop and fast food. Some 'hounds have commented favorably on Peggy Sue's Diner, but the Mrs. and I were not impressed. There is a Coco's on Main street, and a bunch of fast food, and Quigly's coffee shop at the Lenwood exit (the outlet malls).

    1. There is a fairly decent Italian restaurant off on Main Street. It's an old converted fire station. It beats the other choices by far. Coming from L.A. you'd turn left and go up about two signals. It's on the left side of Main ina strip mall.

      1. I stopped in Barstow last night for dinner on the way back from Vegas. After scanning the entire town for likely prospects, I narrowed it down to two choices on Main St. - an Italian place (Lombardi's? The previously mentioned "firehouse" place) and a Mexican restaurant (Rosita's). The Italian restaurant is closed on Sundays so Rosita's was it.

        Rosita's is a decent, dependable family-owned Mexican restaurant - nothing too exciting or out of the ordinary, but a good, tasty meal nonetheless. The menu consists of all the usuals - enchiladas, burritos, tacos, tamales, chile rellenos, etc. I went for the most "exotic" item on the menu, camarones al mojo de ajo (shrimp with garlic and butter sauce), and my girlfriend ordered the cheese enchilada and chile relleno combo.

        My shrimp was good, reasonably fresh and firm and accompanied by generous amounts of fresh garlic sauteed in butter. The dish came with good refried beans and rice (very garlicky and tasty), chopped lettuce, and dollops of sour cream and average guacamole. Two hot tortillas were served on the side. It wasn't a total bargain at $11.99, but not unreasonable.

        My girlfriend enjoyed her enchilada and chile relleno. The relleno was topped with a some sauce containing chopped celery that she wasn't too thrilled with, but the rest of the dish was good.

        One other note: they serve fried flour tortillas instead of the usual corn tortilla chips with two types of salsa. The mild is your usual pico de gallo with big chunks of tomato and onion and the "spicy" is a chipotle-based salsa that, while not over fiery, is very tasty. The margaritas that we ordered weren't that great - I'd go with a beer if you feel like having a drink.

        Atmosphere is somewhat festive with sombreros on a wall by the cash register and charming photos of the family's kids on one wall. Overall, a decent place to stop if you're passing through. It's located on west side of Main St. between the two Main exits off 15.

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          Janida Baader

          The IDLE SPURS restaurant has been on Hwy 58 for about 40 years, across the bridge past train station, or just get off l5 at hwy 58, either Lenwood (go east) or heading south go west. Excellent steak house, great bar. Good fresh made soups, spinach salad. If you have to stop in Barstow, make it there! It's a great place to meet, open for lunch/dinner m-f; dinner only sat/sun. Very friendly folk!