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Apr 24, 2008 12:23 PM

Josef Centeno back with new resto -

I ran into Chef Josef Centeno (formerly of Opus) the other day and he had some great news: He's opening up a place the first week of May (May 5th or 6th I think) - he's teaming up with the building owner and her son on this venture. He told me it'll be a real "mom and pop" style joint with no fancy frills, just good food. Josef will be serving his famous "bacos" during the day, and an a la carte menu for dinner service every night except Tuesday - that evening will feature a by-reservation-only tasting menu (ressies won't be taken for any other day, just for the tasting menu). The weekend will offer a brunch menu, and Sunday evenings will be a family-style menu of homey stuff like roasted chicken.

The restaurant will be called Lot 1 and the address is 1533 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles (Echo Park). He didn't yet have a number when we spoke, and he's still working on the beer/wine license. I asked if it was BYOB and he said probably not, since allowing people to bring in alcohol will delay getting the license. I'm thinking I might sneak in a flask (shhhhhhhhhh!).

He says he'll be posting menus in the window this weekend, even though they're still a couple of weeks away from opening.

That's all the info I got, but pretty exciting, no???

Clare K

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  1. Thanks clare, didn't he just say he was going Downtown? I guess some people consider Echo Park the same thing.

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      He was going to be exec chef at some downtown place but I guess in the end he found this space and owners who were interested in his concepts so he chose this instead. He's an Echo resident, as are the building owner and her son, so they're keeping it in the 'hood. :)

      Clare K