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Apr 24, 2008 12:21 PM

Sulguni Cheese

I was reading a recipe for Georgian cheese bread (khachapuri). It sounds delicious... it actually substitutes a havarti/mozzarella mix for the sulguni cheese. I was wondering if the real deal is available in Toronto.

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  1. hey sweetie,
    any luck?
    I'm looking for this cheese too but anywhere i ask people never even heard of it.
    I'm looking in toronto area. Let me know if you've found it anywhere I'd really appreciate it

        1. re: carissima

          Ok went there this weekend, no luck. They sell something called Suluguni but it's basically unripe mozzarella cheese.

          1. re: olesita

            Yes, it is somewhat similar, but more "rubber-like" when fried, and salty.

        2. sorry no luck yet...perhaps I should clarify "Georgian" as in the country Georgia not the state I am not sure that BBQ places would have interest in this type of cheese.

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          1. re: sweetie

            Yeah, me neither =( i loosing hope

          2. The original comment has been removed