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Apr 24, 2008 12:16 PM

Lunch in University City (Philly)

Taking my son to Drexel University for a campus visit. Any lunch suggestions in walking distance of campus as we will be traveling by train

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  1. Depends on where you're going to be on Drexel's campus ...

    There's an area around Powelton & 34th that has a couple of decent spots - Zocalo for Mexican, Lemongrass for Thai.

    If you're sticking near 30th St Station, you can eat inside the station (Delilah's). The few soul food trucks immediately outside are good. If you want to sit down, Slainte is decent - extremely reminiscent of New Deck. I'd go to Delilah's, though.

    If you're going to be closer to Penn's campus, the area around 36th & Sansom has a few good spots: New Deck for burgers, Bubble House for fairly decent asian-ish food and bubble tea, Pod is pretty good (and on a different price scale) if you want a to walk a block farther, Rustica at 36th & Chestnut for pizza

    1. Not sure what you're looking for exactly but if you're looking for something a little nicer Rae is in the lobby of the Cira Center which is connected to 30th stree station and they do a nice (and reasonable, compared to dinner) job with lunch and there's also Pod on Sansom north of 36th for asian fusion type things (try the rock shrimp dim sum). There's also White Dog and Newdeck on Sansom just north of 34th which are both variations on a tap room (White Dog a little nicer, Newdeck a little more college). If you're a little more rushed / adventurous try Denise's, a soul food truck across the street from 30th street station in from of the post office, the fried fish with rice and beans and a side of candied yams is one of the greatest things I've ever eaten (and the rest of what they make is great as well).