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Apr 24, 2008 12:02 PM

Tommy's Breakfast Burrito

Twice this week I have had the breakfast burrito at Tommy’s. After confirming that the burrito has pretty much the same stuff inside as their great breakfast sandwich I had to try it. I think the burrito comes with sausage, egg, chili, cheese and potato. I like tomato and onion and asked them to add it and they did so at no extra charge. The burrito is larger than it is shown in the poster photo and is priced at $2.75. Everything that goes into the burrito is very fresh and all the flavors standout just as they do in the breakfast sandwich. The big difference between the burrito and the sandwich is that the burrito is much less messy.

I will still order the breakfast sandwich on the English muffin because sometimes there is a need to get messy when eating. Also, the un-wrapped sandwich looks so good and the texture of the muffin adds to the experience. The sandwich is made on your choice of a burger bun or a English Muffin with a sausage patty, fried egg, chili, cheese, tomato, pickles, onions and mayonnaise.

Today I asked for my breakfast burrito to include tomato, pickles, and onions. The counter person said that was how she likes it also. I said I actually would like mayonnaise as well. She squint her eyes, wrinkled her nose, and said “NO. Mayo does not belong in a burrito.” I think she is a student of the Mr. Taster School of Ethnic Food Doctrines and probably would object also to pastrami on white bread with mayo also :)


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  1. “NO. Mayo does not belong in a burrito.”

    Really, Tommy's? THATS where you draw the line on what to put in burritos?
    You should have stuck to your guns and made her glop some mayo on that unholy thing.

    1. Sounds awesome! I have been meaning to try this for a while, but can never get up early enough on weekends. (I don't want to eat this before work on a weekday :P)
      Glad to hear you can add tomato. I'm surprised they don't serve this all day, I think it would be a hit

      1. Hey JeetJet,

        LOL, thanks for the review. (^_^) I have a devoted Tommy's fan in my CH group and he swears by the Tommy's Breakfast Sandwich. The Burrito version sounds just as... "wonderful" for healthy, low-calorie diet (^_~). I'll have to tell him to try it.