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Apr 24, 2008 11:59 AM

Lunch Near Farragut West

I am a Baltimore student about to join the horde of interns descending on DC this summer.

I will be working long (unpaid!) hours, and, though I plan to pack lunch as often as possible, I know that I'll end up eating out quite a bit.

I'm looking for fast, cheap, and healthy options in the area near Farragut West, preferably slightly more interesting than Au Bon Pain and its ilk.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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  1. If you are up for a not to far walk I highly recommend CF Folks. They update their specials every day on their website ( and have the best crab cake sandwich in town.

    I think their is a Marvelous Market near Farragut West and Wasabi is nearby as well.

    1. Cafe Asia has good asian food and like a $9 sushi lunch special every day that comes with miso soup, but the noodle/rice dishes are good and huge portions so I normally make it two meals. 18th and I.

      Breadline at Penn and 19th is really good it should be a good stop.
      Then there is Cosi 17 by Penn for healthy salads, firehook 17th between I and K, potbelly Penn and 17 for really cheap.
      Dicky's custard has good paninis.
      Heidi's had good sandwiches on fresh baked bread 17th at H.
      Teaism isn't too far, although I am not a big fan, but a lot of people on here are H in between Vermont and 17th.
      Greek deli might not be a really far walk on a nice day.
      Also there is a BajaFresh at 18th or 19th and I.
      If you can do a long walk Cafe Mozart at H and 14th I think is good German.

      There are a few to start.
      Oh and the taco salad at Bottom Line always looks good when I walk by.

      1. Second The Greek Deli on 19th between L and M. The line out the door will remind you of Seinfeld's soup nazi-but they're totally nice, TERRIFIC FOOD, and the line moves fast.
        It's take out only.

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          Definitely Greek deli! Plus, their portions are so big, you could have lunch and dinner from a platter of orzo and chicken. So, so good.

        2. I always liked Park Place (I think it's at 17 and I). They have a decent salad/hot bar. When I worked around there, I remember a couple of burrito carts that were pretty good, too. I didn't venture out too much because everything was so expensive.

          I hope your commute isn't too bad from B'more. I didn't enjoy mine.

          1. hits some higher end places, but cheap eats to be found: