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Apr 24, 2008 11:33 AM

'LAIDE- What's in a name?

Someone mentioned the restaurant 'laide in a previous post.

In French, laide means ugly. I find this kind of funny.
Are there other restaurants people have come across with unintentionally humorous names? (maybe it was intentional, i dunno...)

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  1. mmm. i think it is a combination of the restaurant being on ADELAIDE and sex. if u ever went in there they actually had sex toys as art. quite appetizing really. didn't this place close?

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    1. re: airsey

      I never made my way in there. I get what they were going for (I think homer simpson would get it. or George Bush.). But using the french for ugly made me think of Chevy trying to sell the nova in Spanish speaking countries. tee hee.