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Apr 24, 2008 11:33 AM

The Park Restaurant..need reviews or reccs please!

I have a bunch of family coming in this saturday from LI and NJ and I need a lunch spot, moderately priced. Ive been to Park YEARS ago, but for the club.

How is the food? Is it worth going to?

If not, I would love reccomendations in the chelsea area (american or italian preferably as we're a bunch of itlian women!).

Were heading to the institute of culinary education afterwards for a course so I would like to be in that area.


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  1. I don't think the Park is really a food destination. I'd go to Cookshop or Le Zie.

    1. I have had only bad experiences at the Park - both in terms of food and service. I agree with Lucia -- go to Cookshop or Le Zie. Moran's, though not as great in terms of quality, also has a cozy dining room, a very accessible menu for picky eaters and very nice outdoor seating (depending on the size of your group).

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        Have never been to Le Zie but have been to Cookshop once for lunch. Maybe it was a bad day but I was not impressed.
        The food was good, not special and the service was horrendous.
        It was not recently so maybe things have improved.

      2. I've only been to the Park for drinks. Don't know about the food.

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          Thanks everyone! Funny thing is I've had reservations at LeZie for about a week now! I've never been but have been hearing fantastic things about it and you all just confirmed!

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            Hmm... well, it's a good place in the neighborhood and good at its price point, but I wouldn't necessarily expect a "fantastic" meal or a mind-blowing experience.

        2. I am glad you are reconsidering the Park as the service there is dreadful and the food barely passable. (Have fond memories of a party held there before it had opened to the public, but thankfully no food was involved.) If you are looking for Italian in that immediate area at a smiliar price, I would go to either Vento or Bottino.

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            I will certianly look into those as well! thanks! :)