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Apr 24, 2008 11:33 AM

What's New in White RIver, W. Lebanon and Hanover N.H.?

Heading this way to visit friends in grad school at Dartmouth. Most of the posts for this area are dated. Wondering what's good these days in the restaurant scene in the area. Know the usual bigger ticket spots such as Norwich Inn, Simon Pearce, etc. Prefer other local spots for a more casual, lets chat atmosphere with good food. Thanks in advance for your thoughts

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  1. Not much is... I like the tip top cafe and used to like como va - which closed. The newest is Elixir which might be good for casual but our group finds them a little to full of themselves as being the only "hip" (read NYC about 5years ago) place in the area. And not great food since the original chef left. My vote is for Pane e Salute in Woodstock or The Parker Housein Quechee in the Bistro for something more authentically eclectic. Hope this helps

    1. Well a lot happened in Windsor-
      The Windsor Station sold, Clara's closed, Subway closed (good riddance Pizza Chef is better) and apparently, No Name is serving dinners again. The food at Juniper Hill is always good, and No Name was a good place for a light lunch. If you haven't guessed No Name and Juniper Hill are owned by the same people. I plan to try the dinners at No Name the next time through the Upper Valley. There is a good post on the No Name here, which is how I just leatned about the dinners..

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        Is windsor really in the same part the OP is asking about? Seems like a drive and a half to me...

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          Windsor is about 15 -20 minutes from White River if my memory serves me. Maybe my drive times are skewed because I am used to driving an hour and half to and from work with traffic. Vermont "is a quick drive" for those of us from the city. It might seem long to you, but it is a hop away for us.

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            The name "Upper Valley" seems to mean different things to different people. While it's generally clear that the center of the Upper Valley is Hanover/Lebanon/Norwich, I've seen the term used as far away as Haverhill, Randolph, Landaff, Charlestown and Grafton (either one).

            Meanwhile, I've also been severely chastened by someone in Norwich for referring to Grantham as being part of the UV.

            Realistically, Windsor is only about 20 minutes from the 89/91 intersection, so it's not unrealistic to travel down there, especially for a nice dinner.