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Apr 24, 2008 11:31 AM

Cafe 668

Since it moved I can't seem to get enough of this place. Cheap, generous portions, nice ambiance and absolutely fresh and delicious. Went again last night and had the summer rolls and coconut fried rice. Prices have gone up slightly since it moved but considering it's former location I'm happy to pay the few extra dollars.

I'd also highly recommend the Singapore Noodle dish which is excellent.

If you are on a budget but want a great meal in a non-dingy atmosphere go here maintenant.

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  1. It is still very tasty, but I kind of miss the old digs. The new atmosphere style while looking new and more modern, is the same as all the other nice casual restaurants wanting to upscale their look, a la Spring Rolls, East, etc. The dark wood thing looks totally been there, done that, and it really lacks the character that the old place had. All the plastic dragonflies stuck to the walls, the pictures of summer rolls, the closeness of the tables and such. It had a charm that now feels cold and gentrified!

    I find I don't go there as often, because it just doesn't feel the same (but I still do get cravings for the Eggplant... and the Black Bean Rice Noodles... and the Sweet & Sour Fish... and the Summer Rolls... and the Vietnamese Hot & Sour Soup... getting hungry!!)

    1. Thank you for the review.
      Do you know if they are licensed?

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        I think they are licensed. The Cafe 668 salad is lovely too, I don't think I've ever had anything there that I didn't enjoy! I'm remembering this faux beef and vegetable dish being delicious too.

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          I know they're definitely licensed. Last time we were there we had a bottle of wine. They opened the wine in the back and brought the already-opened bottle to the table, which is considered bad etiquette.

          Loved the food though. Especially the tofu in a coconut cream sauce!

        2. we went there last night and were so disappointed. The waiter mentioned all spicy foods could be made mild (my partner is sensitive to spice) and when he brought out the curry pad thai, it was so hot that by the end of the meal it felt like my mouth was on fire, and I really enjoy spicy foods. The worst part was that he argued with her over it and then chastised her for ordering it in the first place. Its too bad, because we were really excited about going to the new location but honestly the service was so abhorrent I can't imagine us ever returning.

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            You'd been before and like the food? The menu seems the same to me.

          2. I'm with chaagy - I'm actually a bit sad that Cafe 668 moved! Their old spot was so quaint...and had low prices and pretty decent portions. Now, in their admittedly swanky new digs, their prices have gone up and some of the portions are a lot smaller. There WAS something charming, too, about their old spot. But, they seem to be doing quite well - seems like the place is always busy.

            They're definitely licensed, but yes - not very good about serving wine yet. We had some pretty warm red wine last time I was there...yuck!

            Service was never phenomenal. My partner and I always used to laugh about how gruff the owner was! When it was cheaper, I was a bit more willing to put up with it.

            I still don't think I'll ever stop loving those summer rolls, though....

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            1. re: thora

              This place is wonderful, both in its slightly cheaper and homey and sort of swanky/pricer incarnations. I'e never had anything I didn't really enjoy there-- it's one of the few vegetarian eating experiences in restaurants where you're not even conscious of the absence of meat.
              Yum, I wish I still lived around the corner from 668.

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                i don't love this place. i find the food bland (soup tasted like water) and the prices a little high, given the quality. the service bordered on neglectful both times i was there. i don't think i'll go back.

              2. DON'T GO! We went last night with some vegetarian friends who had never been and were very excited to go. We'd been to both their old location and to the new one a few times.

                The service was abysmal (there were only three other tables occupied), most of the food was TASTELESS, with the only exception being the "spicy" vegetable curry which had a MILD hint of curry flavour, our pan fried dumplings came out deep fried, they forgot to place the order for one of the dishes we wanted (which in retrospect was a good thing) and all of the dishes were covered in globs of horrendous looking sauce. To top it all off, we were overcharged for the wine (though it was cold!). Needless to say, we won't be going back.