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Apr 24, 2008 11:18 AM

Steak Tartare recommendations in Las Vegas

Hi All:

Looking for steak tartare recommendation in Las Vegas. Searched the boards and found Kobe Tartare at Craftsteak and Steak Tartare at DB Brasserie.

I thought I read somewhere that Mon Ami Gabi serverd it but dont see it listed on their menu.

Any other recommendations or suggestions? Thanks.


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  1. Run, don't walk, to Craftsteak.

    I say it all the time but man do they have a great tartare. Kobe tartare with a quail egg broken over top. Served with garlic crostinis ... mmmmmm. To die for.

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      I second the Craftsteak rec - what I appreciate is that they will make me some without capers - the appeal of which has always eluded me ! Also try Prime, where you can order a tartare and carpaccio combo that is awesome.

    2. Well, besides Craftsteak where the Kobe tartare is superb, I actually enjoyed the steak tartare at Stripsteak. Probably the only thing there I really enjoyed other than the Macallan butterscotch pudding for dessert.

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        Man that dessert is to die for, isn't it?

        That with a glass of their Rock 'n' Rye and you might as well call it a day for me. I'm in heaven!

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          I enjoyed the Steak Tartare @ DB Brasserie...nest to the Ritz Carelton in Boston it is my favorite to date....the seasoning and flavors were fresh and exqusite!
          My only regret w/ DB brasserie is that it was not prepared tableside.

      2. Yes... Mon Ami Gabi has it....

        excerpted from their menu as follows:

        Hand Cut-Beef Tenderloin Tartare
        classic preparation, country toast

        appetizer 15.95 - entree with frites 31.95

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          Loved the tartare at Sage in City Center.
          Waygu Beef Tartare, Crushed Caper Aioli, Slow-Poached Egg, Pickled Mustard Seeds, Crispy Chocolate

        2. Carnevino has Carne Cruda a la Piemontese, which is essentially steak tartare. I had it two years ago and it was wonderful. I've attached a picture of it from their site.

          1. Morels at Palazzo does (or did) a pretty good rendition - quail egg, truffle fries. However, the past couple times I have been there the service has been terrible. Brunch and bar service, hopefully the dining room has held up.