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Apr 24, 2008 11:13 AM

Dinner for 6 in Seattle

I am hosting a celebration dinner for 6 girlfriends on a Saturday evening in May. Elemental@Gasworks was at the top of our list, but we would have to be there at 5pm to secure a table.

Any suggestions for a fun dining experience for 6 foodies?

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  1. Veil has a communal table that may work for 6 people. Also had dinner at Brasa for a party of 6 and it was great too.

    1. I highly recommend Elemental - they would make it very fun for a party of six. But you absolutely must arrive at 4:45 to stand in line. Even if you're the first ones there, you'll be glad you did. It will secure your seat.

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        Totally right, Frygirl. Though you can probably send an emmisary do the waiting for everybody, sitting there on a nice seattle day, enjoying the view of the lake and the park, is a nice way to hang out. In a pinch, nearby alternatives include Art of the Table, 35th Street Bistro, Swingside, Asteroid, Smash wine bar, Senor Moose, Pasta Freska...

      2. Thanks so much for your help with this...If I could get the group to Elemental by 4:45 on a Saturday it would be my first choice, but no-can-do!

        Veil is going to take care of us at the communal table with a special menu. Great tip!!!

        1. New Urban Eats, 3 course for $30 is going on in May.

          Qube, Cursh, Opal all good food; should try all three.