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Apr 24, 2008 11:10 AM

Best Churrasco Chicken?

Based on a previous posting I tried Bom Apetite on the Queensway last week. The chicken was tender and moist... quite delicious in fact. The same couldn't be said about the potatoes (hard and underseasoned) and the rice (mushy). My favourite would still have to be Churrasco on St. Clair (@ Christie) but I'm sure there must be varied opinions on that one.

I've also tried George's at Landsdowne and Dundas which I found absolutely dry and awful. Sardinha on Bloor isn't bad but not great either.

What's your fave?

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  1. I was on my best piri-piri chicken quest over a month ago. Didn't hit as many spots as I would have liked...however, he's my list;

    1) Bom Apetite, which you mention, had arguably the best chicken. Agreed on the sides, but that wasn't the focus of my quest
    2) Churrasco St. Clair. Maybe it was the hype, but the bird lacked flavour in my opinion.
    3) Cantanhede O Bairradino. The best flavour, but the chicken was dry. Lots of other goodies at that place
    4) The one at St Lawrence Market. From what I've read, maybe the sauce isn't the most authentic. But I think this place is my favourite.

    Didn't try Piri-Piri Grill House or Bairrada Churrasqueira, which get some good reviews.

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    1. re: grandgourmand

      I find that Alex Rei dos Leitoes (that's King of the Suckling Pigs for you!!!) does a very good churrasco chicken dinner. They are on Ossington, south of Dundas, a stone's throw from the Lakeview Lunch.

    2. Churrasqueira Oliveira

      898 College Street
      Toronto, ON M6H 1A4

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      1. re: Bobby Wham

        Oliveira's chicken has a strange chemical flavour. I've noticed it in other meats I've purchased in Little Portugal...some kind of cleaner. It is almost like lavender. I once bought three different kinds of meat (veal, ground beef, chicken) from Nosso Talho on Dundas and all of it was contaminated with the stuff. You can smell it in the air in their shop. I once even smelled it while standing on the corner of Dundas and Dovercourt at midnight. Totally weird.

        Anyway, the taste is there, subtly in the chicken at Oliveira. It's an aftertaste. Slightly metallic, slightly floral. Very unpleasant once you notice it.

        The best Churrasco I've had is from the place on College across from Queen Video, between Beatrice and Montrose Streets (don't know it's name). What they lack in manners they make up for with good chicken. And the place is VERY clean, which is nice. (The one on College west of Dovercourt in the big stone house is disgusting!)

        I never order those little round potatoes or the rice. Bland and boring. (Though the potatoes make excellent hash browns.)

        1. re: grilledcheese

          I think it might be the fennel seed in the rub they use. And I wouldn't say Bairrada is disgusting at all, I think that's going overboard.

          1. re: grilledcheese

            "The best Churrasco I've had is from the place on College across from Queen Video, between Beatrice and Montrose Streets (don't know it's name)."

            This is the one that was in that little strip just to the east of the Dominion/Shoppers' plaza? It was gone when I went by Friday-- a real shame, since I too thought their chicken was the best I'd had so far.

            1. re: Manybears

              I walked by yesterday and that place is still there with chickens on the spit. I think the store is called Brazil Portugal Butcher.

              1. re: Delish

                Huh! Either I was blind or really lost :-)

                Good to know-- thank you.

          2. re: Bobby Wham

            RE: Churrasqueira Oliveira

            STAY VERY FAR AWAY!! Just had this tonight based on other recommendation. Driest pieces of chicken breast i've had in my life, only managed to eat 1/2 of it because so dry and needed water and we were starving... worst chicken in any form ever sampled. Went to burrito Boyz directly after. Total waste of time and money. AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            1. re: Statick

              Dry chicken, especially breast meat, is a common criticism of Portuguese churrasco, on these boards.
              Thighs and legs are a better bet. Give the breast to white meat lovers. What do they know!

              1. re: jayt90

                hey i'm one of those white meat people! you guys don't know what you're talking about!

          3. I do take out from Bom Apetite on the Queensway too. I order it w/ rice & potatoes and spicy. I usually like to let it sit w ith the lid closed, so the juices seep into the rice & potatoes.

            Too bad it's spring ... got to cut down on the carbs!

            1. I really didn't realize that this was such a popular place! It really is in some non-descript type strip that you would never notice in a million years speeding down the Queensway.

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              1. re: airsey

                I call it "da Bom" and we actually stumbled across it while looking for a place for lunch along that strip. Took some home to my dad and he liked it so much he wants to go there by TTC from downtown!

              2. I just did lunch at the Churrasco Villa on Eglington at Mt Pleasant because of a friend's recommendation. It was good. The "drumstick" wing appetizer cracked me up. They give you 6 drumsticks in lieu of wing drummettes. Their chicken was competent for sure. Best in the city? I'll give them best in the area for sure. Parking was a bit tough

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                1. re: Westwardho

                  Sorry not to share your opinion, westwardho. I was there once and I don't intend to go back : the chicken was dry and burnt.