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Apr 24, 2008 11:10 AM

Little Owl for lunch

Hey 'hounders,

Has anyone tried the Little Owl for lunch yet? I know it's early in ways since they just started it on the 22nd. I'm curious to know what's really good there for lunch (side note: I haven't been there for dinner yet) and I'm planning to go there with a friend tomorrow afternoon.

Thanks in advance!


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  1. *BUMP

    I have an opportunity to check out Little Owl for lunch, but want to know how it compares to dinner. Had my heart set on the pork chop, but its not offered at lunch.

    1. I went for lunch this week and it was quite lovely. I had the sunflower salad which was fresh and delicious, and I shared the meatball sliders with my companions (which are a long time fav for me). My friends had the halibut (which I tried and was so light and yummy, also served atop of a very nice corn salad) and the chicken picatta, which looked good but I did not try it. I would probably not recommend going for lunch instead of dinner, as the pork chop and the crispy chicken are both great and not served at lunch. However lunch is more relaxed and comfortable (only about half the tables were full) and you don't need to plan it a month in advance!

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        Thanks for your response. Definitely had my heart set on dinner there... I have made a few attempts to get reservations and it sure is not easy! My boyfriend and I have a weekday off (rare) so we are still trying to decide whether lunch will be worth it.

      2. I've been there twice already despite the fact no one answered my question when I posted this. They have their signature meatball sliders which I found them to be addictive (especially the buns!). Their bacon cheeseburger is decadent with a side of Gus' pickles and lettuce and tomato. Service was a bit spaced since this was during the third day they started lunch and they had only one waiter and a host to take care of the floor.

        The second time I had their pork cutlet that's served with scrambled eggs, greens and potatoes. An odd concoction but it worked well. For dessert, I had the strawberry-rhubarb crisp with pistachio gelato (they ran out of vanilla the night before so they'll substitute it for you with another flavor of your choice; and the gelato's from il laboratorio, if you're curious). I loved the crisp, melding the sweet and tart so well and the pistachio gelato added some creamy decadence to something so familiar and delicious.

        I still haven't tried dinner yet. I'm just trying to find a friend who's willing to eat with me.

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