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Apr 24, 2008 10:55 AM

Abercrombie in Baltimore

I know the hotel is still operational but what about the restaurant?????

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  1. According to their website (, yes. I haven't been there personally in about two years though.

      1. Yes. I had dinner there Saturday night. The food was great and the service was EXCELLENT! I definitely recommend you pay the restaurant a visit. It is new on all facets - new chef, manager, etc. E Large reviewed it in The Sun and there are comments on her blog, but it seems the word has not spread on the reopening. I was disappointed to see empty tables given the positive experience I had.

        FYI - they are short on some bottles on the wine list because they are changing over to a summer menu.

        1. If you do a search you'll find several threads about the "new" Abacrombie.

          1. Very much so...Jerry Pellegrino (of Cork's) has taken the restaurant over and his Chef Jess (SIC?) is putting out wonderful dishes! Recently I've had marvelous cassoulet with duck confit, a Wagyu beef hash with an egg purse (banging), rosemary lamb steak and seared tuna with foie gras (the bomb)....Service is outstanding and the feel of the place is still very cozy and first rate.