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Apr 24, 2008 10:33 AM

Outdoor Bloody Mary

Who knows where to go for a good Bloody Mary (with all the vegs and good spices!) and sit outside?? I know Prune does a good Bloody Mary, but no outdoor seating. If there are any good outdoor dining/drinking threads, let me know. Can't find.

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  1. completely random place but cinema cafe makes a killer bloody. super spicy. i've only had the one on 34th & 3rd. they do outdoor seating or indoor seating open to the outside.

    someone posted on a bloody mary bar a few weeks back but i don't think anyone replied. it would be great if some one had one though in nyc. they have them in chicago.

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      I would only say no to cinema if you plan on getting food ... the food is AWFUL.
      The Spotted Pig has one hell of a Bloody Mary!!

    2. Not outdoors, but my favorite in the city is at Tamarind.