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Apr 24, 2008 10:27 AM

Where in Las Vegas for Prime DRY AGED beef?

I live in the NYC area and am spoiled by the abundance of great steak houses. One of the things that sets one steak apart from others, IMHO, is quality USDA Prime DRY AGED beef. I know there are places that have Prime Aged beef but does anyone know which steak places serve Dry aged? Many thanks in advance for your help.

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  1. Delmonico and Charlie Palmer both use Prime dry aged beef but those are the only places I know of that dry age all their steaks*. Craftsteak dry ages their NY, ribeye, and porterhouse.

    Not sure if Gallagher's at NYNY serves Prime beef, but they do have a dry-aging display right there outside the restaurant.

    *- all filet mignon is wet aged due to how delicate the meat is ( same with all kobe ).

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      I was at Delmonico last year (most disappointing meal of the trip) and I believe that their beef is USDA Prime. And although I cannot be 100% certain, I do remember asking if their beef was Dry Aged and I thought their answer was no. I have also looked over their websites (Emeril has one as well the Venetian) and cannot see Dry Aged listed, just Aged.

      Charlie Palmer's lists their beef as "certified black Angus and has been dry-aged for 21 days to insure the best flavor and tenderness". So I do not think it is prime, although I certainly could be wrong.

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        Did you post a review of your Delmonico experience? I have a rez in June and it seemed like the best priced and good food steak in the Venetian/Palazzo complex.

        1. re: The Old Man

          No, but since you asked...We were a party of 7. I was in charge of ordering the wine. Like almost all Strip based restaurants the list was rife w/quality bottles but exorbitantly priced. One positive is that Delmonico does have a corkage policy, but just be careful not to bring a bottle that is on their list. I remember have a bunch of different appetizers but quite honestly, nothing stood out. I remember the BBQ Shrimp, which was billed as a New Orleans authentic. I found it to be devoid of anything New Orleans. I do not remember anything else. Then there were the house white truffle potato chips that many have waxed poetic about...I found them to be good potato chips heavily dusted w/parmesan, that’s it. Yes there was a faint "essence" of truffle but nothing to go crazy over.

          My 1st serious gripe about Delmonico is that each and every steak that they prepare comes dusted w/Emerils "essence". I asked not to have mine cooked w/it and was politely told that they cannot do that. EXCUSE ME??? You can't do that. So I ordered the house specialty which was the Bone In Rib eye medium rare. No discernable char crust on the steak and there were parts that had that gray color, like it had not gotten close enough to the broiler and was heated. The flavor was average but tasted too much like Emeril's essence drowned in butter rather than good prime steak.

          As it horrible? By no means no. Would I go back again? No chance.

    2. I haven't been there, but the online menu for the newly opened CUT (branch of the famous Beverly Hills place) includes "U.S.D.A. PRIME, Nebraska Corn Fed, Dry Aged 35 Days." The online menu may be accessed from CUT Las Vegas' web page at .

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        CUT certainly has the pedigree (the original Beverly Hills location garners a ton of praise) to be a top notch steakhouse. It "reads" impressively and it seems to me that the basic ingredient, steak (beef), is top notch. And although quite expensive, doesn’t look to be as egregiously priced as the other Palazzo steakhouse, Carnevino. Which brings be to another the Venetian (Palazzo) having a survivor competition amongst its steakhouses? 3 all under 1 roof! Wolfgang vs. Emeril vs. Batali. (OOPS...just noticed Morels Steakhouse, so make that 4!!!) There should be a bet in the spots book as to which contestant lasts the longest. Seems like overkill, but what do I know.

      2. Other dry aged...The Steak House at Circus Circus (the primals are hanging in a refrigerated case as you walk in the door). Gallagher's in the New York New York combination wet/dry). Capital Grille. Smith and Wollensky. AJ's in the Hard Rock. Palm (combination). Nero's at Ceasars. Silverado at South Point. Auston at Texas Station (48 days). T-Bones at Red Rock (48 days).

        But the one I'm itching to try is Balati's Carnevino, with dry aged a minimum of 5 weeks...and up to 9 weeks. Wolfgang Puck's Cut is also in the same shopping/dining center and has both Nebraska and Illinois dry aged beef.

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          We ate at Carenvino's and it was disappointing. We ordered the rib steak for two and it was tough. We spoke to the manager about our concerns since it did cost us approx $120.00 and he was giving us this smoke and mirrors speech about dry aging v. wet aging, and how the meat is a " masculine cut" and shouldn't be tender. However it is aged it should be tender. We know how a properly aged piece of beef should be as we live in Alberta, Canada.

          The sides were just ok and over-salted. The wait staff were great, but we will not go back.

        2. Gallaghers in NY NY casino Serves Prime Dry aged beef. You can see the cuts of meat in the window.

          1. I'd recommend CUT for sure - they have 35-day aged prime sirloin, ribeye and NY from Nebraska, and 21-day aged prime filet, ribeye, and Porterhouse from Illinois.

            They also have American and Japanese Wagyu. For sides I loved the polenta and the English peas if they have them.

            Menu is online at