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Apr 24, 2008 10:19 AM

best foodie meal for anniversary in Denver

Can I get some recommendations on a great restaurant in Denver? Our favourite type of food is french fusion or contemporary american. We'll have a car, so it could be anywhere in the city.


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  1. My picks would be Mizuna or Fruition for an anniversary meal.

    1. Mizuna is excellent, as is Opus in downtown Littleton. I've done anniversary dinners at both. A bit farther out, is Gabriel's in Sedalia. It's northern Italian cuisine. I would say that the food is probably better at Mizuna and Opus, but Gabriel's is still very good. It has great atmosphere for an anniversary dinner, it's in an old house, nice and romantic.

      I haven't been to Fruition yet, but have heard nothing but good things about it.

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        I'm definitely leaning towards Mizuna, but am curious about Kevin Taylor.

        1. re: ztarsh

          Restaurant Kevin Taylor is lovely, pricey and dressy -- an anomaly in casual Denver. Another special occasion restaurant would be the Palace Arms at the Brown Palace, It talented and very creative chef, Thanawat Bates, recently cooked at the James Beard House in NY. The POST gave the restaurant a devastating review a few months ago that was a real wake-up call. There's a new maitre d' and a new sommelier. Caution: both Restaurant KT and the Palace Arms are very pricey.

        2. re: itri

          Man, I've got to get to Opus. Love that menu. Thanks for reminding me.

        3. It's not either of those but one of my faves downtown is 9th Door. It's great for Spanish tapas. Also, if you like fancy comfort food, Nine75 is wonderful.

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            For contemporary American I would recommend Deluxe on South Broadway (5 minutes from downtown). I would describe as a little more funky and intimate/sexy then some of the places mentioned above (although you can't go wrong with Mizuna or Fruition.) Opus is more expensive then then the others and farther from downtown if that is a concern.



            1. re: ColoradoFun

              I absolutely adore Deluxe (just went for dinner on Friday, in fact), but for my money it's a little more casual, certainly more affordable, and less of a special occassion place than some of the other suggestions.

              Also for a special occassion dinner, I want a really great wine list. The wine list at Deluxe is fine, but no really special bottles. The wine list at Mizuna, on the other hand, is fabulous. There are also some relative bargains on there for some really wonderful wines. I think the wine list at Fruition is improving, but originally did not really match the quality of the food.

              1. re: Megiac

                I want you all to stop talking about Deluxe! I have a hard enough time getting in as it is.. :-)

                Did he open his bar next door yet?

                1. re: e_bone

                  Nope, but it looks like it's close.

          2. I just (re)visited Vesta after many many years. Throughout the whole meal I kept asking myself "Why did it take me so long to get back?" It was fun and fabulous. Although its not new, the menu still felt fresh and the jalapeno ponzo sauce is one of the sexiest sauces in town.

            1. What about Bistro Vendome? Anybody eaten there?

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                While I haven't been, the impression I get is that people like but don't necessarily adore it, certainly not compared to sibling Rioja.

                1. re: jcattles

                  Love it for brunch, particularly when their patio is open. It is good, but not great for dinner.