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Apr 24, 2008 10:03 AM

Chatham Sq Restaurant

I ate here last night-- so good! Having my small portion of leftovers right now for lunch. This is what we ordered:

Very tasty hot and sour soup (egg drop not as yummy) then boyfriend and I shared the snow pea greens with garlic (perfect, no too greasy, heaping portion), the house special Chilean Sea Bass (a crisp exterior and a tad sweet, served with delicious sauteed red onions), and the Szechuan spicy shrimp and veggies. All very good, nice staff, good tea, good experience. Topped it off with some almond cookie ice cream at the Ice Cream Factory on Bayard, made me love New York with a full heart on spring evening. Hooray for Chatham Sq !

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  1. Which Chatham Sq. Restaurant?

    There are two, both with the same name in English, but totally independent... and each the opposite of the other. One is quite upscale, the other is very downscale (but good) I love both but haven't been to either in quite some time, so I'm glad for your positive review.

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    1. re: Brian S

      I am quite sure OP was referring to Chatham Square (6). The service at Chatham Square 6 has always been very friendly and nice, much better than other Chinese restaurants (though during dim sum hours in weekends the place can be hectic).

      The service at Chatham Square 9, not so much.

      1. re: Brian S

        Hi Brian, I went to the upscale one! -- with the yellow linens and flatscreen tvs on the walls playing Chinese melodrama. Our bill was about $50 for two soups and 3 entrees, no drinks. I haven't been to the smaller hole in the wall before.

      2. Did you order good tea specially?

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        1. re: Pan

          Nope, just the stuff in the pot they brought out was really nice and smooth.