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Apr 24, 2008 09:46 AM

Expired milk

I have a expired 2% milk, it expired 1 day ago can I use it for anything is is it just spoiled milk? Help

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  1. has it actually turned? if not,it should still be ok,at least for now.

    1. If it smells okay, take a tiny taste...if it tastes alright, I'd use it.

      1. Pour a little in a glass and smell it. (If you smell from the milk container, you may get a sour smell from milk collected around the opening). If it doesn't smell bad, it should be ok to use. I'm pretty cautious with milk though. I'm a little more comfortable using it in something to be cooked rather than drinking expired milk.

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          Do you think you can use it on your face or the bath?

          1. re: nbermas

            Probably, since the good stuff for your skin is the lactic acid...which isn't affected if it's a day expired.

        2. Those dates are guide lines. Milk can spoil if not kept at proper temerature before the experiation date and may be perfectly good to use far after that date. You can make yogurt with it if you are uncomfortable yet it taste fine. In yogurt making you heat the milk to kill off most bacteria and yeasts

          1. i buy milk from costco and use it past the expiration date and its perfectly fine. however you can always bring it to the boil and if it is spoiled it will seperate, if not its safe to use.