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Apr 24, 2008 09:33 AM

steak tartare in DC/MD/VA area?

steak tartare in DC/MD/VA area? is there a restaruant that still serves it?

Thanks :)

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  1. Here's 30 or so answers for you in a recent thread:

      1. re: katecm

        Now off our menu. We will probably have a carpaccio soon

      2. Les Halles has the best steak tartare I've had in D.C., or anywhere else for that matter. I know there was a lot of debate about Les Halles and the thread reiflame provided, but ignore it. I'm still fantasizing about the steak tartare. They make it tableside. It's awesome.

        1. I'll second the Les Halles recommendation for steak tartare. It's quite tasty and you can "customize" it because they make it tableside. I always tell Peter (our usual server) that he can't put "too much" Tabasco in mine.

          I did have the tartare at Central Michel Richard recently and that was pretty darned good too. Almost better than Les Halles - almost.

          The frites are better at Les Halles which gives it an edge.

          Then again, the bread at Central is absolutely stellar...

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          1. re: onocoffee

            and for an "ethnic" twist on beef tartare, Dukem Ethiopian.

            the bread at Central is indeed stellar.

          2. Petit Louis in the Roland Park neighborhood of Baltimore serves it occasionally- it is not on the menu so you must ask for it. Their version is delicious, I might add!