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what are the prices like at "Ray's The Steak" in Arlinton, VA? (I lost bet and have to buy steak dinners for 17 people)

What are the prices like at "Ray's The Steak" in Arlinton, VA?
I lost bet and have to buy dinners for 17 people. The alternative
is to get naked and jump into the Tidal Basin next to Jefferson
Memorial... I don't want to get arrested, so I guess I'm paying
for dinners... :)

Do they have a menu online somewhere?

Thanks! :)

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  1. No online menu that I am aware of not even on menupages, but I think most of the steaks are 29.95, at least I know their NY strips are that with complimentary sides of mashed potatoes and creamed spinach, but I doubt Rays the Steaks in Arlington doesn't take large groups you would have to treat people in multiple dinners. You might check out Rays the Classics in Silver Spring as they at least take reservations and might be better if you wanted to take more people at a time.

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      no large groups eh? I'll just try that loophole and get out
      of having to pay for the dinners... "sorry guys, Rays' doesn't
      take large groups.... better luck next time" (they'll probably
      throw me into the river) :) :) :)

    2. I read on askTom chat that the Crystal City Restaurant (not Crystal City Sports Pub mind you) has a $5 steak deal, you could always invite people there are see who shows up, hahahahahha, it could be a very interesting steak dinner night.

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        Plus they'll get their nudity and their steak all in one place.

        That's a major bet to lose!

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          True I didn't even think of that, good call!

      2. haha, sweet.

        good thing is, out of all the steakhouses, Ray's is not very expensive $24-$34 and as previously mentioned, it comes with creamed spinach and mashed taters

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          I've been to the Silver Spring location and I don't remember those sides being included there, you may want to check first.

          Wonder what that bet was about?....

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            The sides are still included at Ray's the Classics in Silver Spring.

            Ray's in Arlington doesn't take reservations, other than showing up day of, but I think they still won't take tables larger than 8.

            In Silver Spring, you can make reservations, and they do have a private room in the back. Prices are comparable to the Arlington location, but the decor is a bit more upscale. You could definitely get 17 in the back room.

        2. Do you have to go to Rays' the Steaks? Certainly, there are some good, cheap steaks out there. Some of the Bolivian places (like Victor's) do good steak, and there's always something like the Monday night special at Mister Days which is very respectable at ten bucks.

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          1. Well, only yellow bellies reneg on their bets.

            Since Ray's is so small, just tell them they don't accept large groups and you'll have to take them a few at a time. It's a good way to spread out the pain - er, payments over a few weeks instead of being hit with a thousand dollar bill for one sitting.

            1. If you get lucky (e.g., very early or late, not on a Friday or Saturday), you might be able to secure 17 seats at once in the bar section of Ray's the Classics, where you can get away with the best deals in town, some as low as $15 for an enormous amount of fabulous food. No reservations, however.

              1. Yeah, seriously you have to tell us the bet. That headline made me laugh out loud.

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                  Just be prepared to wait for at least an hour (on a good night) for Ray's the Steak. It was definitely worth it though because they were great steaks plus good sides. I'm with the rest of the gang wondering how you lost the bet. I am sure it has to be pretty good for you to end up paying steak dinners for 17 people!

                2. We've got a sample menu up on our site (prices were accurate as of this past winter): http://www.northernvirginiamag.com/re...

                  But I agree that you'll have a hell of a time getting 17 folks in there as one cohesive group (the place only seats about 45 total and they don't take reservations).

                  Good luck.