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Apr 24, 2008 09:15 AM

Portland Maine Restaurants

I am looking for some great restaurnats in Portland Maine other than my favorite, fore St. I use to go to one on an alley and I can't remember the name--it had great fish.

If anyone has a list I'd appreciate it. We love high end food and wine.


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  1. The restaurant that you are thinking of is Street and Co. Re: other high end restaurants, check some earlier threads on Chowhound and you will see Caiola, 555, Bresca and others mentioned alot. Also, consider Evangeline which just open to considerable buzz.

    1. Thanks--it was Street and Co that I was thinking of. It sounds as if Fore St. has passed its heyday, so I think we'll try some of the others you mentioned. We vacation on Long Lake every summer and spend a night or two eating in Portland.

      Do you know if the other restaurants have websites?

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        This website has links to most Portland restaurants.