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Apr 24, 2008 09:11 AM

Pizza Party Sides?

I'm helping my younger brother throw a party this Saturday...We will be watching a movie and playing Guitar Hero and Rock Band...There will be about 10 - 15 people of various ages (18 - 50)...He's already indicated on the evite that there will be pizza, so I'm wondering what to serve besides salad? We'll have pizza and salad first, or while we're watching the movie, and then we'll need snacks while we play video games...

Was considering chicken wings, but think that will get a little messy.

Any thoughts on snack foods or additional dinner sides?


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  1. Grill up some kielbasa or chorizo, slice into rounds and serve with a few different types of mustard and toothpicks- tasty and not messy.

    1. Well, the infamous Buffalo Chicken Dip is not as messy as individual wings...would that be a possibility? Or maybe a crockpot full of chili?

      1. How about Pigs In Blankets? That is good manly food!

        Go to Costco and get a big ol' bag of meatballs and make mini-meatballs subs or just serve in their own sauce.

        OR: Going back to the Piggie-theme, you can make these so that they are stuffed with whatever you choose!

        AND: How about empanadas? Easy to stuff with whatever you want. You can get the empanada pastry already made in the freezer/cooler of your local Latin market.