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Apr 24, 2008 09:03 AM

Cake Recipe Conversion Question

I would like to make a spice cake this weekend. My usual recipe is for a layer cake but I would like to double the recipe and bake it as a single (big) layer. Is this recommended and does any one have any helpful hints? I love to mess around with recipes but I do get very nervous when it comes to baking cakes and not following the recipe EXACTLY. Thanks

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  1. When I'm in doubt about doubling or switching pans (what cooking time/temp etc) usually has the answer: I owe whoever it was who first posted about baking911 a HUGE Thank you, it's saved my bacon, er cake, a few times now.

    HTH :)

    1. You can certainly change the cake pan size with good results. Are you thinking of using a half-sheet (jelly roll) pan instead of a round, deeper cake pan? Or do you want to put more than the usual batter into the same pan? If it's the latter, it could be problematic, if it's the former, just adjust your baking tme.
      I often bake batters intended to be a 9" cake, that's approx 3 to 4 " high in half-sheet pans, that are only 1-2" high. They just bake a lot more quickly.
      Hope I am not misinterpreting your question...

      1. I double and cut recipes all the time to fit the various sizes and shapes of pans required for wedding cakes and the like. Its absolutely no problem to double a layer cake and make it as a sheet. A double layer 9" will fit a single 9x13 sheet and increase from there. When filling a cake pan - it should be about 2/3's full for a good thickness when baked. If I have leftover cake, I bake a small layer or cupcakes for friends and family.