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Apr 24, 2008 08:39 AM

Anniversary Dinner this weekend in CT--New Haven, Fairfield, and surrounding areas

I need some suggestions--we're celebrating our anniversary this weekend and would like something nice. American/seafood/steakhouse/italian type places would be great, but any of your favorites would be spectacular. Nothing over the top pricey, please and anything with a great view is a plus!

Thanks bunches!

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  1. In New Haven, Leon's Restaurant - great view - on the water, great food (huge menu something for everyone)- been around for a while and centrally located right off 91 and 95
    Downtown New Haven - Union League - uber romantic and great food, great wine list - perfect for an anniversary although it can be pricey but worth it.

    1. Consider going to the outdoor patio of l'orchio for dinner followed by drinks at the top of the Omni. Alternatively, the basement of central steak house can be a pretty cool place to dine down in the wine cellar. While the food at Davenport's isn't great, the view is quite nice.

      1. Antonio's East haven...then take the drive down towards Light House park...stop by Sea Wall and relax on the grass