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Apr 24, 2008 08:30 AM

HELP - Hartford foodie needs good eats in Beantown

Please save me... b/c I have to be in Boston on Fri. and Sat. and since I only visit once in awhile, I'm clueless as to where to eat. We're staying at the Marriott on the wharf (wherever that is). I just read about Hungry Mother - but can't figure out any other spot to eat fresh, tasty, not a zillion dollars (what I mean is: like Per Se in NYC - but affordable) meals.

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  1. You will be very close to the North End where there are many choices
    Neptune Oyster is very good, Marco, Terramina, Mama Maria all are decent choices

    You are also within walking distance if its a nice night to go to No. 9 Park or Mooo which are both right next to the State House by the Common.

    by the way..being "dragged" to Boston from Hartford is really not a bad thing...
    and no one calls it "beantown"

    1. You will also be close to Sel De La Terre:

      1. "Dragged to Beantown"????

        Having grown up in the Hartford area myself, I should think you'd consider yourself lucky to come for a visit!!

        Any preferences for cuisine type?

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          I'm sorry if I sounded terrible in my post, b/c I adore Boston - it's just that I don't want to leave home again, since I was just away for 3 days.

          I love fresh, tasty, unpretentious food - no heavy sauces and oversalting. I also love quiet restaurants, b/c loud ones drive me around the bend). We ate at Per Se last weekend for my b'day (it was a big one, so it called for great sums of money to be spent) - so I'm obviously prejudiced when I say fresh and tasty.

          Pile on the recommendations, please!

          1. re: food maven


            What you are describing sounds exactly like Vlora, which is a fairly new Mediterranean restaurant in the Back Bay. The chef relies on the quality of the ingredients and serves them very simply and deliciously. I think you'd really enjoy it.


        2. As the Red Sox are out of town on Friday and Saturday, I would recommend Trattoria Toscano, 130 Jersey Street, in the Fenway area, small, no reservations but most authentic Tuscan fare in Boston, delicious and very reasonably priced and a favorite on this board. If you like Dim Sum, you are not far from Chinatown, try Hei La Moon, China Pearl and recently people have been praising the Winsor Cafe for Dim Sum. In the "hip" and "trendy" South End area many people like the Franklin Cafe for their value and comfort food.

          1. Check out this this thread; I think a lot of the places mentioned would be what you're looking for:


            (I've lived in Boston all my life, and I do call it "Beantown" on occasion.)