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Apr 24, 2008 08:17 AM

Spring Menu at Vee Vee JP

Vee Vee takes advantage of what is fresh and local and we noted the first harbingers of Spring on their new menu (fresh peas, asparagus, rhubarb). We shared the tonnato with green and white asparagus appetizer, a risotto with fresh peas, red snapper with a chile verde and ancho red chile sauce with fried plaintains and a banana cream pie dessert. The tonnato was unusual, white and creamy (almost like taramosalata) with just the mildest fish flavor but was a nice foil to the perfectly steamed asparagus and the whole dish was brightened with a orange slice marinated in rosemary and olive oil The flavors are fresh and distinct and this was a highlight. The risotto was well prepared and tasty, peas just al dente. The snapper was the weakest point in the meal. The ingredients were good especially the fish , but overall, the flavors could be bolder and with such great cheap eats Latin restaurants further down Centre Street, this entree seemed not up to their usual standard. The banana cream pie was excellent ,really a free form banana puding on an oreo cookie crust shingle with a good drizzled caramel sauce.

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  1. Following the reports of the new chef and revamped spring menu at Vee Vee, my DC and I returned to Vee Vee on Tuesday for the first time since our visit just after it opened. I can't remember what we ate on the first trip, but suffice it to say that the memories were more "hmm" than "yum" and we didn't go back.

    However, on Tuesday it was definitely the other way around. We shared the tonnato described above, and it was delicious - intriguing flavors all. For mains, we shared a deconstructed tuna nicoise, which was awesome - especially the seared tuna slices but even more so the fried bits of artichoke. Definitely order whatever comes with fried anything on the menu if you go. We also shared a special of black cod in a saffron broth with mussels and scallops. Supposedly there was lobster in the broth - I didn't taste it, but there was plenty going on without it. The fish was soft and flaky - perfectly cooked.

    Too full for dessert. Not the cheapest meal in JP by any stretch, but we did get the most expensive entrees ($20) and bottle of wine off the more-than-decent wine list. DC noted that if Vee Vee is always that good, it's a great alternative to Ten Tables and definitely a place I'll be back to.